York Rally Report by Eunice & Ron

Hi again Ralliers. it was a lovely sunny day as we set off for the York Rally. we were in good spirits but those soon faded as we travelled along  my least favourite motorway, the M62. As we drove along old faithful, that’s the van, not Ron she gave a few hiccups, then started to go slower and slower up the gradients. we managed to come off at junction 34 0nto the A19 when eventuaty she came to  a stop altogether by a cemetery. I hope she wasn’t trying to tell us something.

I was having trouble getting through to Green Frag on my new mobile phone when a nice young man came to our rescue and got the Green Flag using his mobile phone. Then there were the silly questions like how many wheels have you? We just have four.  What was your weight?  Are you over three tons? Core! I hope not.  Once finished and all sorted we sat and  had a muffin and waited.  The rescue came at 3.15pm and diagnosed the clutch had gone. He soon had our beautiful camper on the truck and on our way to the campsite. I’ll have you there in 40 minutes.  That was wrong.  What with road works and diversions we went all the way  around the outskirts of York with bumper to bumper traffic. we finally got there about 5pm.  He had to reverse into the site as there was not much  room to turn.  He dropped us off and promised to return on Monday at 10am to take us home and off he went.

It was lovely to meet up with Linda, Ian, Anne, John, Geoff, and Derek again. Chrissie & Ian arrived the following day. Chrissie had booked us all in for a meal at the Dormouse Pub that evening for her birthday which we all enjoyed.  Thank you again Chrissie.

The  weather was lovely and everyone did their own thing. we stayed on
site and watched a cricket match.

Sunday and Linda & Ian put on a cream tea and was enjoyed by all. I’m getting nearer to that “3 Ton”

Monday as we waited for the 10am pick up it started to rain. At least we had a dry pack.  I had just caught my arm and broke my gold bracelet when Ian came to the door to say the M62 was closed due to an accident.  It’s not my day.  It was now 11.15am and pouring down. I rang Green Flag only to be told they didn’t know anything about the 10am pick up but they would send another rescue truck immediately.  This arrived at 1.30pm.  We said our goodbyes and a big thank you to Ian & Linda.

We travelled over the A59 through Clitheroe to get home.  It was still raining hard.  I looked back to see if I had left the van window open but it wasn’t.  It wasn’t a comfy truck.  I think I had segs on my back-side when we got home.  We got home okay and Ron phoned the garage who said they would come straight round to tow it in.

It was a mad rush unpacking everything.  After we had showered we didn’t move until bedtime.


We enjoyed meeting up again with everyone though the rally did remind me of a sandwich. The two outsides not so good but the filling was great.  We hope you all got home safely and we will see you when we will see you

Take care and God Bless. Eunic” & Ron

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