War Weekend

I know that this isn’t a club rally but I think it is worth a mention and I do think it should be put on the rally venue list for future rallies. It is a fantastic weekend with lots to do and see.

We had been on the road for four weeks and this rally gives me and Ian the chance to rest up and recharge our batteries. Before we could go on this rally we had to stay on a
small CL site in Thorpe Basset just four miles from Malton.

The rally is run by the East Yorks DA of the Camping & Caravanning Club. The rally opened at 12 noon and it was just tumed 12 when we arrived along with John
& Anne who were also booked in. The stewards sited us together and we soon were set up and the kettle was on.

The war weekend at Pickering starts on the Friday so we had a day to our selves to get organized. Ian & I dress in 1940s clothes. I have an A.T.S Uniform plus a couple of 1940s civilian clothes. A couple of dresses and coats along with the 1940s accessories Ian has a
Dad’s Army uniform which he gets mistaking for Captain Mainwaring. John dressed himself in 1940s clothes which made him look quite attractive.

On Friday we walked into Pickering dressed in our 1940s attire. There were hundreds of
people in the town dressed in a range of 1940s clothes. You do see some wonderful
costumes. On Saturday morning I dressed in my A.T.S. uniform as I was going in the parade. I got to the parade ground and reported to the Sergeant Major

With the bands playing we set off marching through the streets of Pickering. By the
time we had reached to the town centre the crowds had quadrupled. I noticed that a
man had collapsed in the street and the paramedics had a hard time struggling through the crowds to get to him. We marched past the cenotaph and along the railway station. The railway was playing a major part by evacuating hundreds of children and their parent on to the trains and getting them away from any danger and into the country side. The march took an hour and half to complete and I was totally exhausted.

My feet were killing me and we had to walk the mile back to the campsite. When we did return, I rested up whilst Ian made the tea after which we got ready for the evening social in the DA’s marquee. An entertainer was booked where he played 1940s music cracked some corny jokes and organized a couple of party games. He
wasn’t too bad.

On Sunday we watched an enactment group doing a scene. It lasted about an hour. The special effects were brilliant. Some explosions made me jump rvith fright. The group were re enacting a German and British conflict. There were World War 2 tanks and troop
carriers. The whole perfonnance was brilliant. It was well acted out. When it was over we walked over to browse over the trade stands. There were lots of items to choose from though some were quite expensive.

Monday finally arrived and it was time to pack up and return home. We had been out camping for just over four weeks and we have thoroughly enjoyed them. We had visited places that we hadn’t been to before. We had met some wonderful and interesting people on our travels.

We look forward to doing it again next year.


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