Update from the Rally Secretary

We have another wonderful year of rallies to look forward to and I thank those members who brought to my attention some of the rally venues that are on offer. I hope there will be something on which will suit you. You may have noticed that I have asked for an earlier booking in date for some rallies, the reason for this is that we may be on a follow on rally and I won’t be home to receive the booking form or we might be booking in for evening dinner in a pub restaurant. So an early booking would be appreciated. For those members who are going on the tour of Scotland holiday rally can you please let me know by May 1st? I have to confirm with some site owners how many units will be descending on them. Your co-operation in this matter will be gratefully appreciated.

I have sent a form out with your magazine. It is for you to recommend a camp site which you think it would be suitable for us to hold a rally in 2012. Once I get the form back I can then get in touch with the site owner to see if it be possible to hold a rally with them. It doesn’t matter if the club has rallied there before, the more information I get back the best idea I get from what you want from the club. This also applies to the club holiday rally for 2012. All suggestions will be most grateful. To start the ball rolling for 2012 I have already booked a rally. It will be a five day rally to coincide with a local Medieval Fair. It is within walking distance from the campsite and it should be a very nice interesting weekend. If you know of any interesting events in an area from a nearby campsite then let me know and I will try to arrange a rally for that week. Regard to the holiday rally. Do you want to go far or just somewhere local like the dales or the coast? The cost of fuel is having an effect on our every day activities making it more and more difficult for us. Have you any ideas? Let me know at the next members meeting at the Easter rally.


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