We arrived a day early at Thornton around 2pm and found that our six pitches were ready marked out for us. The site owner had been very busy. We set up camp then Ian went out to put out the club’s direction signs. We had Richard & Susan coming up from Oxfordshire and couple of nice people that we met at the Lincoln Show and showed an interest in joining our club coming across country from Morecambe in Lancashire. We are
hopeful that they become new members. When all of that was done we both relaxed in the lovely sunshine until it was time for our evening meal.

Wednesday morning was bright and sunny and it soon became quite warm. Whilst waiting for Geoff and John & Anne to arrive Ian & I set about putting up the club tent when for this weekend only it was to become the NAFFI, We soon discovered that we were one corner pole missing and that we had left it at home. “Oh dear”, I said, “what are we going to do”? “l’ll drive home for it” Ian replied, “It’ll cost too much in petrol” Linda said. I’ll
ask Geoff to take me home for it”. “His car won’t use as much petrol as my camper van” Ian said. So when Geoff arrived Ian asked him to take him home to get the missing pole, and after Geoff had set up camp and had his cuppa tea off they went to retrieve the missing pole whilst I waited for John & Anne to arrive. It took them three hours before they arrived back to camp.

DSCN1124John & Anne were here waiting patiently and we were soon setting about putting up the club tent now called the NAFFI. That evening we gathered inside the newly named tent for the evening social, Ian had brought the heater and with the sounds of the 1940s songs
playing in the back ground it we were as snug as a bug in a rug.


Saturday was the day of the Military Parade through the streets of Pickering. Linda was taking part so we had to be in town by 9am. Six of us clambered into the camper van and we drove into Pickering early to get Linda to the parade ground as she was dressed in her ATS Uniform ready for the parade.DSCN1122

John & Anne also got into the 1940s spirit and dressed accordingly. Geoff & Derek caught the bus from Pickering to Whitby. Once Ian had dropped them off in Pickering he returned back to the campsite to pick up the remaining members and transport them to Pickering.He dropped them off in the town centre then parked the van on the outskirts of town as by now most parking places had been taking. He walked back to the town centre where he met up with John & Anne who DSCN1148had already took their position to watch the parade march through. The other members mingled into the crowds in the hope of getting a good view of the parade. After the parade had marched through we all met up and spent a few hours in Pickering browsing through the vintage clothing stalls and the 1940s equipment being sold at a ridiculous price.



We were soon getting tired and were gasping for a cup of tea and something to eat. As everywhere was packed with people and the prices they were charging were certainly not 1940s prices we decided to make our way back to the campsite. Ian brought us back then a couple of hours later went back to get Geoff & Derek who had left the bus at Thornton-Le-Dale. we were glad to have a sit down. we had been on our feet for the last five hours. Later that evening we all gathered into the NAFFI for an evening meal of corn Beef Hash followed by Bread & Butter Pudding. It went down well and everyone enjoyed it and
wanted more.

On Sunday it was time for Richard & Susan to go home. We all had our morning coffee in the NAFFI then we said our goodbyes and they went on their way. We were going to the Pickering show field where there were more retail stalls plus a re-enactment of a 1940s army battle between the British and German troops.

DSCN1158On this occasion Linda & Anne were dressed in 1940s civilian clothes which made them look very smart. We went with Geoff,  Derek,  John and Ian along and the others to the Pickering show field. It cost us £8 to park the van. That was an increase of £€3 from
last year. If the cost keeps going up we will have to review the situation for next year. There were a strong group of soldiers dressed in German and British uniforms preparing to re enact a battle against.

DSCN1167We were met with stalls selling various items of 1940s equipment mainly military clothing and some items of hardware. Inside the events centre there were more stalls and units selling 1940s clothing and equipment but all at silly prices. Ian took an interest in a camouflage net to cover the club tent which we use as a NAFFI for the weekend. It was only €£40 but John & Anne persuaded him not to buy it as it wasn’t worth it just for a one weekend of the year.  There was one stall doing 1940s ladies hair styles for €£20. Not the best investment as come tomorrow it would have probably fallen out after having your sleep. we finished off the day sitting in the NAFFI drinking and eating and lisening to 1940s songs on CD.

Monday was home time. we were going on to the next rally with John & Anne. The others said their goodbyes and were soon on there way. It was another successful rally enjoyed by everyone. we are doing it again next year so why don’t you come along with us and relive the past just for the weekend?

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