Snooty Fox Rally Report

We arrived shortly after lunch, The weather was good and dry. Our
marshals positioned us on to a good spot with electric  hookup near by. A
welcome cup of tea was brought over to us which was much appreciated.
The field was laden with caravans. These were touring caravans but left on
site as a holiday home. There were just the five of us and the only people
on the site. Most of the owners from the statics had left. A rally welcome
pack was given to us along with the rally programme so we were able to
plan our weekend stay. We had planned to visit the Lavender fields this
time as on our last visit here we didn’t have the time. lt may be a four day
rally but time quickly goes by and it seems you are no sooner getting set
up when it is time to return home. Roll on for next year when the follow on
rallies begin. That evening was spent in the Rally Arms drinking tea or
something a little stronger and catching up on the gossip.

The next morning we were out early for a ride into Scarborough. We had a
few things to get for the grandchildren’s Christmas presents. We like
Scarborough. lt has the best of both worlds. An up to date shopping mall at
one end then at the other a quaint 17th century fishing port. Very nice!
Quite a lot of reasonable priced cafes.

On our return to the camp we got caught up in the road works which took some time getting past. That evening was spent in the Rally Arms having an evening supper supplied by the marshals. lt was soon time to retire to our beds. We have had a nice
day visiting places which are normally too far to go from home. We said our
good nights and off we went to our bed.

Saturday morning was bright but chilly, We decided to have a walk to East
Heslerton and visit the Church, lt wasn’t far to walk and we were there
within 10 minutes. That A64 road is very busy and it took a few minutes to
find a clearance in the traffic so as to cross safely. We did manage it and
walked up to the Church. lt was only small but very nice. Opposite was a
Caravan Club 5 van site. We had a look in and found it was empty. it only
had a water supply and an elsan point but it was handy to know it’s where
a bout’s should we want to come to this area in the future. I know we were
camping over the road at Snooty Fox, but this was quite small and sheltered from the wind. we strolled back to our camp and chilled out until it was time for evening supper in the Rally Arms.

Sunday morning was slightly dull and overcast. The smell of breakfast
cooking in the Rally Arms soon put a smile on our faces. We had our fill then prepared the van to travel home. It had been good spending the weekend amongst our friends.

After the coffee morning we said our goodbyes and drove off the site at a reluctant pace. It is never that easy having to go home but it is essential. Thank you to those who made it a pleasant weekend.

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