Sloop Inn

We drove through a mixture of weather to the Sloop Inn and were greeted in with smiles from Ian, Linda, Anne & John. Now, I’m not sure if this was due to the sun shining or, the fact that we had finally made it to a rally. After a welcome cuppa and a good chat we went and set up the van for camping.

That evening, Ian put on a film show. It was a real funny comedy called “The Sandwich Man” staring, Michael Bentine. There were lots of other old stars in it and our memory boxes were on overtime trying to put names to faces. Most of them now are in the theatre in the sky, and I don’t mean TV Skye. I thanked my lucky stars that I was still here to remember them. lt was a lovely evening all round, thank you Ian.

Friday after morning drinks in the Rally Arms Ron & I went for a stroll along the river bank. “The sheep are very friendly” said Linda. Actually I’m not very happy walking across fields with animals in. To be truthful, I’m a real wimp. But bravely I went over the style, the sheep gazed at us then the big black one , I think it were a ram, looked at me , stamped its foot on the ground and his head went down in a bucking position. I charged passed it before it could charge at me, with Ron between us. On our way back we walked at the bottom of the bank. Again, the sheep looked down on us, the Mc Ram started to come down towards us. Now I don’t know if he was trotting quickly because of the steep slope or was it to get to us, Well me, my feet moved quicker than my heartbeat when I saw a gate. I clambered over it and fortunately it was a country lane and not some ones back garden. When we walked back through the village I did get a bit of satisfaction later when I had my tea of lambs liver with onions.

That evening we talked that much in the Rally Arms that it turned out too late to play nine spot dominoes much to Ron’s relief. Saturday morning was a bit misty at first. Ian & Chrissie Richard & Susan, Gordon, Geoff & Derek arrived. Ron & I went for another stroll but in the opposite direction this time. At 4pm the AGM began with the usual notes. Committee members voted in and ideas for rallies in 2014 were discussed before the meeting closed. In the evening we all had a meal in the Sloop Inn which I think we all enjoyed apart from the apple crumble which was more crumble than apple and Ian sharing his Jam Sponge with a greedy money spider and Anne, Oh dear! Again a let down, no treacle pudding left. Anne, if they have none next year l’ll bring you one myself.

Back in the Rally Arms for the raffle which brought in €18 for club funds. Derek & Geoff left for home as they had only come for the day. They both recently had medical treatment. Hope you are both now feeling a lot better and anyone else who’s been under the weather lately

Sunday after drinks we went our separate ways and hope you all had a safe journey home. The AGM rally is always our last rally of the year so thank you for a lovely meet and best wishes to you all for the festive season. Hope to meet up again in 2014. Many many thanks to Ian & Linda for as per usual putting on a good rally, Your signature tune should be, you’re simply the best.

Eunice & Ron


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