Sloop Inn by Eunice

It was a lovely autumn day as we set off for the AGM Rally at the Sloop lnn in
Temple Hirst. The only downside of the journey was that I had caught my ring
on the van seat and knocked a stone out – alas! Never to be seen again. The
fields looked pretty sodden and wet as we entered Temple Hirst, but we
needn’t have worried as we were welcomed onto the site by Linda & lan and
Anne & John.

As the rally field was very wet and boggy we pitched on the carpark of the Sloop lnn just by the River Aire bank and with electric hook up. Great! After a refreshing cuppa tea off our marshals we sorted ourselves out.

Later on we had a good natter in the Rally Arms where we sat, drank and put the world to right – if only!!

Friday was another bright day. Linda & lan went food shopping with John & Anne into
Goole. Ron & I had a good walk – well a stroll really. We stopped and had a chat with a local man who had just come back from a 6 month camp in the New Forest. That evening we all sat down to “Bangers & Mash” kindly prepared by our rally chef lan. Derek who had arrived earlier joined us for the meal. I think we all enjoyed it. A Big Thank You.

Saturday was foggy when we first got up but it soon cleared. Chrissie & lan
arrived with Tilly their faithful camper van followed close behind came Gordon
with Sandy. lt was lovely to meet up with old friends again and to meet new ones. Another stroll was on the cards before returning to camp for the AGM meeting which went okay with members giving their opinions on matters relating to rallies etc. That evening we gathered together in the Sloop lnn where we had a superb meal. Just the one complaint, poor Anne didn’t get her treacle pudding. Next time Anne.

We finished the evening off in the Rally Arms where we had the raffle a few nibbles then to bed.

Sunday was a thick foggy morning. We had our coffee morning then said our
goodbyes and set off for home. The fog cleared once we had past the Leeds
area on the M62. We had a good journey home as we hope everyone else did.
I hope Anne who was slightly off colour is now feeling much better. Alas poor
lan’s camper – yes, another breakdown. Hope it is now repaired and back in
running order.
Thank you to all for the lovely company we had on this rally, This is our last
camp for the season. We have a very busy schedule coming up in front of us
with a christening, a wedding, and a visit from our son Steven, something we
are looking forward to. Best wishes to you all for now and we’ll see you in


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