Skipton Rally May 27th-1st June 2010

We arrived at this nice campsite on Thursday. The rally field was littered with buttercups and was large enough room on the rally field for 100 vans but only the three of us turned up. Why I don’t know. That was the lowest number of ralliers on a rally since we joined the club in March. We were camped just seven miles from Skipton on the main A59 road. On Friday we went into Skipton with Ian & Linda. The outdoor market was on which we really like.

You can always get some wonderful bargains on markets, only this time we didn’t, though we did notice a sign at the end of the main street directing us to a boot sale. Well that’s what the sign said.

It were more a garage sale but with no garage. We rummaged through the various items piled on top of make shift tables but we didn’t find anything of use to us. Linda did manage to get a carrier bag full of 1950s clothes patterns. She bought them for Nick Mawby’s girlfriend Sue who is going into the classic vintage clothing business. We later went in a café for tea before returning to camp. On our return we were met by Geoff Fairburn who was patiently waiting for our return. He had phoned earlier to say he was coming and we thought it was with his motorhome and was camping. He had come through to see us on his motorbike.

On Saturday we went with Ian Linda Gordon & Sandy his faithful companion to Grassington. This was a small village just a few miles from Skipton. It was a popular place for tourists and quite busy. We found a dog friendly café where we went in for coffee and scone. On leaving there we found a couple of charity shops. Linda treated herself to a 1940s style dress and I got myself a book. We return to Skipton and got a few provisions from the local supermarket. No need to say which supermarket it was. It seems to be on every rally agenda, though we can’t complain as we do a lot of shopping at the same supermarket at home.  We returned to the campsite and settled in for an evening of playing cards. Ian claimed that he can’t play cards. We think differently. He won quite a few games. Sunday morning came and it was pouring of rain. Ian & Linda were camping with their trailer tent and it was quite sodden. We didn’t envy them having to fold it away in the rain. We enjoyed one of Ian’s big breakfasts which set us up for our journey home. We prepared the camper and set off. Thank you again for another good weekend.

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