Report from Carlestone Rally

We were supposed to be arriving on the Wednesday but Ian had to go into hospital that day for a bone scan so it was Thursday before we could
go. It had been a busy week for us. I had to visit my mother to see how she was and to give her a birthday card and present plus an Easter card
and present. There was that many cards and present from friends and family you would have thought it was Christmas.

we left home for the rally on Thursday. we had only gone 12 miles when we found the van was over heating. on investigating we found that water
was spilling out from the thermostat switch. Luckily we had a spare one and once the water had cooled down Ian changed it for the new one. we
were soon on our way and arriving on site by 2pm. The field was quite wet so Ian phoned the site owner to make sure we were okay to drive on.
when he came he suggested we leave the camper van on the hard standing and he would tow the caravan onto the field with his tractor. He had to do the same when John & Anne arrived. Geoff was fortunate to be able to tow his caravan onto the field without getting stuck. That evening
was again spent in our caravan for the evening social.

Good Friday was a dreary wet day with over cast low cloud. Geoff had to return home as he had forgotten his medication. we stayed on site as it
was far too wet to go any where. when Geoff returned -he took John to the local pub for a drink. It was a drink as well. They closed at 2.30pm
and they didn’t have time to buy another. Friday evening social was spent in the caravan drinking tea coffee and eating hot cross-buns.

Saturday arrived and it was decided to travel to Homefirth in the local bus. It was only 4 miles away and the bus was a better option as the site
owner had warned us that parking in Homefirth was too expensive.

We got the 10.30am bus from the campsite gate into Holmfirth. Although it was only 4 miles it took us an hour to do the journey. We alighted at the bus station and went straight in to Sid’s Cafe (Last of the Summer Wine) for our morning tea and bacon sandwich.

After charging up our batteries we ventured out into the town to explore. First stop Help the Age UK -charity shop. John bought himself a practically new water proof jacket for for £10 whilst Ian treated himself to the full series of Last of the summer wine on DVD. After doing all the other charity shops John Anne & Geoff went into the pub for some liquid lunch whilst Ian & Linda went shopping for groceries for the evening meal.

We returned back to the campsite and set about preparing our evening meal of mince and dumplings with leaks carrots and turnip. It went down
well with the members giving their full appreciation. The evening finished off with the members meeting. As there were only five people at the
meeting there was very little to discuss except the rallies for next year. There were quite a few good suggestions mentioned so Ian wrote them
down and he hopes to have some good news for the next members meeting. Once the meeting was over we just sat drinking eating nibbles
and talking until it was time for our beds.

Easter Sunday arrived quite bright and sunny. We were all having a chill out day as yesterday we had done a lot of walking so today was a rest day. Linda & John went to explore the village church as it was only a 5 minute walk from camp. It only does 2 services a month and this Sunday was not one of them. By midday the sun was at its best and the warmth was marvellous. As we were having a barbecue today

Ian & Linda set about preparing the barbecue and the side salad which always goes down well. Anne prepared the potatoes whilst John & Geoff
looked on. We were soon sitting out in the lovely sunshine enjoying our meal.

Easter Monday and we planned to travel to Barnsley by bus. We went out for the 10.15am bus but didn’t realise that the service was 2 hours on a
bank holiday. It came at 11.1Sam getting us into Barnsley for 12.45pm. We were very dismayed on our arrival. Most shops were closed including the
indoor market and what made it more miserable was that the next bus back to camp was 3.30pm. Whilst waiting we did some window shopping and
had a cuppa and sandwich in a cafe then waited an hour in the bus station for our bus back. On our return Geoff went for his afternoon nap although it was a late one, whilst the rest of us sat out and relaxed. The views from the site were really lovely. You could see for many miles across the moors towards the Woodhead Pass.

On Tuesday it was time to pack up and leave for home. Geoff had problems with the electrics on his caravan and had to wait for the RAC to
come. John & Anne were soon on their way with Ian & Linda not far behind them. It has been a good weekend with the sun shinning brightly. It was
very warm and dry and we did get out to see the area.

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