Redcar Rally

This weekend rally was going to be a real trial for Ian & I. The camper van
which we use to tow the Caravan was off the road due to it failing the M.o.T.
So we had to use the Caravelle. The journey took just over an hour arriving
at 2pm with John & Anne followed behind. It was a lovely afternoon and
whilst John, Anne & I went into town for some provisions Ian assembled the
club tent frame in readiness for our return to put on the canvas. lt wasn’t too
long before Geoff and Derek arrived so between the three of them the club
tent was up and ready for use on our return. That evening was spent sitting
outside as the weather was quite warm.
Friday saw the arrival of Barry & Margaret along with -the club’s new
members Eleanor & Geoff. That evening we sat in the Rally Arms talking and
drinking and getting to know Eleanor & Geoff. Geoff comes from Jarrow in
the Tyne & Wear and Eleanor is from Darlington. Later that evening Glen &
Kelly arrived in his newly converted motorhome made by himself from a bus.
It was quite impressive with a pot bellied stove inside along with two double
beds. why two double beds we asked? In case I get lucky was his answer’
We spent the evening in the Rally Arms listening to Glen tales about his
camping trips in his new motorhome and Geoff from Jarrow giving out his
wise cricks with the others following suit. It was a humorous evening with
laughter and jokes with crisps, nibbles, and biscuits for refreshment not
forgetting the drinks.
Saturday morning Ian took me to Newton Aycliffe County Show for me to
enter my baking in the produce show. We left around 6am and were back on
site by 10 o’clock. That evening the clouds became dark the wind became
gale force and the rain came down in torrents. How the club tent managed to
stay up I never will know. Ian’s flagpole snapped and came down but no
other damage was done. Ian stayed in the tent until the early hours just to
make sure that the pegs held and the poles didn’t break.

Sunday morning was quite warm and bright completely different from the night
before. Derek, Geoff, Eleanor & Geoff went to the car boot sale whilst I went to
church with John. Ian stayed on site with Anne. After the Church service was over
John took me for a cappuccino and a scone at the near by cafe. We returned
back to the campsite and Ian gave me some lunch before taking me back to the Newton Aycliffe show for me to collect my produce and hopefully my winnings. I received two thirds quite a difference from last year. That evening we sat outside the Rally Arms enjoying the sunshine what I had baked.

Monday dawned bright and cheerful, Derek, Barry & Margaret, along with Eleonor & Geoff had to leave for home which left John & Anne, Geoff and Me
& Ian. We decided to dismantle the Rally Arms and put it away. That afternoon my parents came to see us all. They travelled down in a taxi as
father is too frail to use the bus. They spent a few hours with us talking especially my mum.

It was good for her to get out of that home they live in and meet and talk to people other than the home residents.  It was a real pleasure having them.
When they went home Ian took in Redcar for our evening meal.
On the evening we all went into the Redcar Rugby Club hoping for a game
of Bingo. There was no Bingo.

Tuesday was the last day of the Rally. John & Anne were soon on there way
home after having breakfast. Geoff wasn’t far behind from leaving. Ian & I
were staying on the site as we had bought tickets to see the Mike Lockey
Pocket Band which were appearing in the social club on the Friday night. lt
had been over 30 years since we last saw them play. In them days they
called themselves The Mike Lockey Showband. There were 15 of them then,
but now there are only five of them left. Mind you,  they are aged in their late
70s and early 80s but still going strong. They play swing band music from the
1930s and 40s big bands plus the Glen Miller sound. lt had been a good rally
and the weather made it even better but for the exception of Saturday

We met up with new members Eleanor & Geoff on their first rally
which was good and it was even better when Barry & Margaret and Glen and
his girl friend Kelly came. It was good to see Glen again along with his
girlfriend Kelly. Hope to see more of you and Kelly in the near future along
with your over sized passion wagon. Thank you to everyone who made it a
good weekend, Hope we can do it again.

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