Ravenglass Dubfest

Although this is not a NRCC Rally report I thought it may be an interesting read and to let you know that we do other rally events besides NRCC.

We thought we were ready for this weekend rally. We thought we had our camper van loaded and were just about to leave home when we suddenly realised there was no crockery cutlery pots or pans in the van. It had been quite a few years since we camped with just the camper van. We had always used the caravan and everything was in there. We gathered our missing items together mainly from the house kitchen and were soon on
our way.

We were going to the west coast of the Lake District to Ravenglass where the annual VW Dubfest was being held. It had been a very long time since we had been camping with just the camper van and as it was a VW event caravans were not allowed. We took the scenic route which was the longest way and quite hilly. The camper van took them quite easily but that wasn’t the same for the HGVs. We were slowed down by this enormous articulated lorry doing 10 MPH up this steep and curvy hill which made it impossible to overtake. After crawling behind him for two miles I took my chance and pulled out to overtake. That was a mistake.

There was a car coming towards us quite fast as he was coming down the hill. I dropped down a gear and gave the van full throttle and just managed to pass the lorry with inches to spare. It was quite scary at the time. We eventually arrived on site to find that there were only three VW’s on site. Not much of a VW rally I thought. We went to book in only to be told we were at the wrong campsite. “Just reverse out and follow the road for 2 miles then turn right. The campsite you want is 9 miles up that road” said the warden. “l can’t reverse as reverse gear is broken. I will have to use my 11″ emergency reverse” I said. “Linda! Get out and push” This she did and we were soon on our way. On arriving at the correct campsite we were amazed by the many VW camper vans on site. There must have been a couple of hundred of them. The organiser soon had us set up on our pitch then left us to get settled in. We read the rally programme which was quite impressive.

After having had our tea we walked to the Ravenglass narrow gauge railway which was only a short distance walk from the campsite to find the times of the trains running on the Saturday.

Saturday morning arrived warm and sunny. Whilst having our breakfast we browsed through papers in our welcome the marshals had given us. Inside was a 50% voucher off the cost of the rail journey to Ravenglass. We’ll use that as we had planned to do that journey.


There was an old ruined Roman Bath House which interested us. We walked the
1/4 mile to the site. There was a picture board showing what it would have looked
liked in AD 540. After looking all round it we strolled back passing the station to
make our way to Ravenglass village. It is very small. It has a couple of Pubs a village shop and post office plus numerous guest houses and holiday cottages. We strolled through the main street towards the beach. Each house had its own decorated pattern which made it different from other places we have been to. At the other end of the village is a nice open grass area which looks straight out into the mouth of the River Esk. It didn’t take us long to see everything so we made our way back to the station to catch the next train back to the campsite. We had planned to catch the much later train but as we had seen almost everything we decided to get the earlier one then take a look at the waterfall at Boot village. We soon got back to Dalgarth where we left the train and slowly walked up to the waterfalls at Boot. This was another small village with a shop a pub and a few guest houses, We bought a couple of souvenirs from the shop then returned back to camp for our evening tea. It had been quite a nice day out but tiring. We had been on our feet most of the day except when travelling on the train. It wasn’t too long before we were in our bed and sleeping soundly.

Sunday was the VW  Cavalcade to Muncaster Castle. We were going to take part as it would have been fun being in a convoy of VW Camper Vans. We didn’t take part as it was going to be 2pm before they were setting off to travel the 7 miles to the castle then once they had arrived, the organisers wanted them to park up for a photo shoot. That would have been another couple of hours to arrange and it would have been far too late for us getting home, so we left early.

We went home via Keswick and called into the Camping & Caravanning Club site to book in a 4 night camping holiday in June after our rally at Colby. We got home for 3pm. It had been a good weekend with plenty to do and see although we only had one day to see everything. We will return again next year and maybe this time book in for a couple of extra nights so we can fit in the things that we missed out. If you have a VW Camper van and you fancy joining us then please do. The rally is organised through the Camping &
Caravanning Club and is open to any VW Camper van whether it is a T1 or the latest T6 I can assure of a good time and besides that we will be there.

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