Rallython 2010

Rallython 2010;

The Sloop Inn; – This was the first rally Anne and I came to. We enjoyed it very much. The people were very friendly to us and because of this we decided to become members of the club. We arrived at the Sloop in very wet weather. We had to park up in not a very good place as the site was quite full. The next day Anne & I (that’s us in the photo) went to Selby. It rained all the time we were there. We returned back to the camp to get ready for the evening dinner in the pub restaurant. On the morning of our departure the camper got stuck on the wet grass. The other ralliers came to our rescue and pushed us out. What a pity Ian fell down doing it and got a mud covering. It was a great weekend and we look forward to doing it again.

Budle Farm, Bamburgh; – We went to the May Day rally at Bamburgh. We arrived a day later as we had problems with the camper. It was a very nice campsite over looking a sandy Budle Bay which had a lovely sunset. On Saturday we went to Alnwick in the club bus with Ian & Chrissie Linda & Ian and Geoff & Gordon not forgetting his faithful companion Sandy. Ian parked up the bus and Linda, Chrissie & Anne went off their way whilst Geoff, Gordon, Me and the two Ian’s went off a different way. We had a good look around calling into the various Charity shops then stopping off in a café for refreshments. We met up with the girls in Alnwick market and found that they had done the same as us though we never met up until now. We returned back to campsite via Seahouses. Again, Ian parked up the club bus and went for a look round. What a delightful place Seahouses is. It was once a thriving village but now it depends on tourism. It was when the fishing industry declined the railway to the town closed. We soon worked up quite an appetite, so we all descended on to the fish n chip shop. We stayed over after the rally finished with Ian & Linda and went to Holy Island. The weather stayed dry though it was rather cold. We travelled home on the 5th after another satisfying weekend. Roll on the next one

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