Pocklington Rally Report by Linda

On arriving at the Mile shop caravan site at Pocklington, we were surprised to find John and Anne were already on site.  We were the only 2 units there.  Geoff wasn’t coming until tomorrow.  We got set up and were soon drinking tea with John and Anne.  It was a very warm day and we just sat in the shade just to keep cool.

The site was very well kept.  The grass was well mowed and the whole area was very clean.  There was a small shop and a cafe at the entrance which as very handy and a bus stopped outside of the  camp to go into Pocklington.  We stayed on site the next day waiting for Geoff to arrive.  It didn’t take him long to get setup and all together we had a little tea party and discussed what and where we were going whilst we were here.

Saturday was very warm as we walked into Pocklington.  This was the third time we had been here.  It’s a lovely little market town with all kinds of small independent shops.  We like it.  It seems to be in a time warp where no-one rushes and people have time to stop and talk.  We slowly walked through the streets and we finished off at a delightful little cafe where the owner was absolutely charming.  Her tea and baguettes are exquisite.  As we had walked for much of the afternoon and our feet were rather tired we decided to get then bus back to camp.  The bus driver was very pleasant and cheerful.  She had driven this route for a number of years but we had to explain to her where the campsite was although she had been driving past it for years.  As we alighted from the bus she tanked us for the info we had given her.

Sunday was another hot day.  We decided to put up the extra long gazebo to make sure we had all the poles and side walls.  After about an hour we realised that there was some poles missing.  There were sixteen of them missing.  Ian couldn’t understand it.  Then he remembered he had taken a load of poles to the scrap yard before moving house.  It was these poles where the 16 were among them. so that was the end of that.  The gazebo was put away and back into the bus.

Monday was our last day here.  We all got the bus to Pocklington for a last day shopping.  We went off to the supermarket for some provisions for the evening meal then walked back to the campsite. John, Anne & Geoff went for a pint or 2 before catching the bus back to the camp.  On the return we settled into our caravan for supper then a relaxing evening before bedtime.

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