Ooooooooooooooh………..’ CAULIFLOWER CHEESE’

Wot – a – weekend!
As we pulled up at the rally we were approached by Ian Little Legs “Ave you got a jubilee clip?” He was apparently having trouble with his calor gas pipe. We didn’t have one so he made a temporary repair. Once we were established and the dreaded awning erected I had a problem with our gas supply, Heather asked Ian to take a look. It was quite complicated but we managed to sort it.
 Malton Rugby Club 2018 006
One by one the wagons rolled in, seven units 12 members (5 dogs).
 Malton Rugby Club 2018 027
Although the amalgamated ages of the 12 members totalled 725 years, from the raving and rumpus emitted from the Rally Arms you would be forgiven for mistaking that we were on a 18 to 30 retarded party weekend.
The Rally Arms was decorated to the hilt with balloons, banners, bunting, booze, flowers, cake, cards & Linda -‘Ruby Ruby Ruby’…….As the rally fell on two birthdays and an anniversary it promised to be a lively weekend. The turnout was great we even managed to coax Gordon and Sandy out of his back garden. 
Saturday night was the birthday party night it being Linda and Charlies birthdays, which was a blast or would have been a BLAST! if Ian’s failed temporary repair hadn’t been spotted in time. As the tent filled with gas and the hissing got louder, Ian who was oblivious to the screams “Blow out the Bloody flame” stood with a lit spindle in hand head down poking around the burner looking for the fault. The Rally Arms was evacuated even Sooty & Sweep were looking groggy has they wobbled out. Things could only get better! Which it did.
 Malton Rugby Club 2018 039

The most fantastic cake was produced by Ian & Chrissie. Derek supplied the Brandy from his ‘duty free wagon’. Geoff & Penny brought the Fiz to the party.

Ian & Linda supplied the entertainment what with fancy dress and Ian’s laughing gas!

While Jean brought a celebrity guest along………Wayne ‘Parsons’. Who shamelessly admit to catching crabs in front of his future in-laws! I suppose it’s as well to get these things out of the way in the early days.
John & Ann were sadly missed. I’m sure John would have enjoyed the crack and Derek’s brandy. While Ann would be upset to have missed the ice cream on Sunday – again!
I took Sooty & Sweep for a late stroll down to the river where I could hear the cackle & banter from the Rally Arms above the roaring rapid turbulent current of the river, seemingly a good time was being had. Even Geoff surprised me staying up so late but then I had overheard Penny whisper to Heth that she had reduced his sleeping pill potion for the weekend, Heth said “won’t that be awkward at bedtime? Penny whispered “no I’ve increased his bromide pills to compensate.”
Heth and I had the most memorable anniversary, a fantastic night made all the merrier by the gang who all seemed to be having a whale of a time judging by the laughter that hit a high when we produced our wedding album. When asked what was the secret of 40 years marriage I was about to give my authoritative reply when I noticed a nudge and a wink transfer between Heth & Penny! I found myself glance at Geoff as we both gave off a stifling yawn!!! Bedtime!!!
When asked if we were going to York Sooty & Sweep said “yes as it’s our birthdays we’d like to share it with Charlie, Sue and Sandy – but NO ‘CAULIFLOWER CHEESE Ooooooh’. 
 Written by Terry – May 2018
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