North Scarle New Year Get Together

This was not a booked rally but more of a get together for the few members who wanted to celebrate the New Year with their friends. We all met up at the North Scarle campsite, a small site with toilets showers and eleitric hook up. We all arrived on Monday December 30th, The weather forecast was dismal with heavy rain and winds. That was true enough on Monday but Tuesday New Years Eve it was quite mild. The wind had dropped and the rain had stopped. Ian & Linda took John & Anne into Newark to do some shopping. Phil & Joanne stayed on site with the children and had a stroll around the village of North Scarle. It is quite a small village though parts of it do spread out along the main street. It boasts of a small shop and post office selling most essential things like bread milk bacon sausage and the likes. There is a pub called the White Hart though they don’t do meals yet. The owners who are two gentlemen had just bought it and as yet haven’t quite got organised. They hoped to be doing meals by the end of January. Further along the street is a small bakery which bakes the most delightful bread cakes and buns. The aroma of freshly baked bread makes you feel hungry.

When lan & Linda with John & Anne got back on site from town, it was cup of tea time. The kettle was put on and it was tea all round. We sat inside Phil & Joanne’s awning Chatting and drinking.

That evening Ian & Linda along with John & Anne went to the village hall for the New Year celebrations. Phil & Joanne stayed on site with the children and played games with the children. Ian & Linda and John & Anne came back from the village hall at 10pm. They complained about the village children running wild inside the village hall and making such a noise that it was getting impossible to hear them selves speak. They came back to their vans and welcomed in the New Year together. Phil & Joanne called it a day and retired to their beds by 9.30pm.

New Years day came and it was today that Phil & Joanne had to return home. They were booked in for work the following day. They said their goodbyes left. Ian & Linda with John & Anne were staying on camp till 2nd January. They were hoping to have a meal in the White Hart pub but as the report said earlier the meals in the pub don’t start till the end of January. Instead Ian cooked a plate of chips which was enjoyed by everyone. The couple of days spent with our friends had been good and hopefully we can do it again next year with even more members of the club. It’s good fun spending time with your friends of the club’


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