North Scale 2015 Valentine Rally

It took over three hours to arrive at North scarle after having to detour off the A1M because of an accident. John & Anne were already there
waiting patiently with the kettle on tick over. we were soon set up with the help from John and drinking a welcome cup of tea supplied by Anne.

It wasn’t long before Phil Joanne and their two boys Jack & Luke arrived. They parked there selves up and were soon in our caravan having their
welcome cuppa. It made us chuckle to ourselves when Jack asked why we hadn’t got a television in our caravan. He was bemused when we told
him that the caravan was made long before televisions were invented.

Friday morning saw us all venture out for the day. we went off to Newark with John & Anne whilst Phil Joanne and the boys went off to explore
Lincoln. The day was cold but sunny and dry. we did the usual things by exploring the charity shops before having lunch in the local supermarket.
That evening was spent in our caravan drinking and chatting till it was time for bed.

Saturday came and we all went to Newark in phil & Joanne’s mini bus. we parked in the town centre and once again shopped in the local shops
and also the outdoor market. It was quite a big one selling lots of things from food to antiques. After having lunch in the pub we ventured back to the mini bus to be driven back to the campsite. That evening we all gathered into the white Hart pub for our Valentine evening meal. Valentine Rally Dinner┬áIt wasn’t long before little Luke became tired and was falling asleep. It had been a long day for him and he had done a lot of walking around Newark
town centre. Phil asked the pub waitress if it would be okay to lay Luke on the floor whilst they ate their meal. yes that was okay and that is what they did. Once their meal was finished they said the goodbyes and went off to the campsite carrying Luke with them. we stayed on for a further hour sampling their delicious deserts followed by coffee. John & Ian had a pint of beer then we all returned back to the site. we went to our separate vans where we retired to our beds. It had been a long day for us as well as the children.

Sunday morning was soon upon and we were up and preparing our vans for the return journey home. Phil Joanne & the children were continuing
their holiday and were soon on their way to Meadow Fields campsite at Peterborough. John & Anne waited for us and we left the site together
but parted company in North Scarle village. They turned left towards Newark where we drove straight on towards Gainsborough.

It had been a good weekend. The weather was good and so was the company.

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