New Year Rally, North Scarle

It’s the 25th December, and we are sitting down as a small family this year having our Christmas dinner when the conversation turns to camping.  Phil suggests that as we have had a pants couple of months, we needed to go away somewhere and clear our heads ready to start afresh in the New Year.  Great idea!!!  But where?

We get Ian’s rally list out and there is nothing on there but knowing Ian and Linda, they would be camping somewhere on New Years Eve.  Several text messages and a phone call later, we were booked into North Scarle from Monday to Wednesday to celebrate NYE with our friends from the north, whoop whoop!!!!

Monday 30th, van packed, kids excited we were on the road.  Oh no!  We were on the road for approx 1 hour when the heavens opened.  Instead of our caravan, as we didn’t wish to battle with the winds on the open road, Phil decided we would go back to basics and kit out the VW T5 and take the awning, and many (thousands) of tent pegs!  We hadn’t camped like this since before the children came along so this could prove interesting.

After a stop halfway at Peterborough Services, we got to North Scarle camp site at around 2.30ish to be greeted with the friendly welcome, as always, from Ian and Linda along with John and Anne.  Ian showed us to our plot, and Phil started setting up.  Rather windy, but the rain had stopped which allowed him to tamper with the tent and fix it proper.

Due to basic packing, we decided to go out for a meal on the first night with the children.  Bad idea!  Lovely pub at the end of the road had all the potential but new owners had only just moved in (12th December) and there ovens were inoperable.  But they gave us the takeaway menus, and we ordered a Chinese to the pub.  Thought it a bit cheeky to ask to eat in the pub as well, so took it back to the awning.  Kids were then put to bed (Jack slept in hand made bed across driver/passenger seats – Luke slept in double bed with us, as he is still tiny).  Then the evening began.

Our awning turned into the NRCC Rally Arms, which was lovely and cosy.  Managed to fit all five of us (Ann retired for early night), radiator and halogen fire, table, and fridge in the awning.  Great night with beer and stories and then off to bed.

Tuesday, weather still freezing but no rain yet.  We decided to go and visit as my little one says, ‘Mrs Goggins’ (lady in post office from Postman Pat) and purchase a paper and some sweets to stretch our legs.  It made the woman chuckle when Luke asked where Mrs Goggins was!!!!  We were also informed of the bakery down the road which we headed for.  This was only open for ‘orders only’ but the extremely friendly owner managed to find us 6 freshly made rolls and some homemade xmas cake.  Yum!  All for £5.

Once we returned back to the van, the heavens re-opened.  Really felt for the others, as they headed into Lincoln for a spot of shopping.  We were lovely a dry in the tent – believe it or not, as Phil had put the spare ground sheet under the roof of the tent, we had no leaks and it was lovely and warm!

We decided as the children are still very young (6 and 3) that we would give the NYE party at the village hall a miss.  Also the tickets were a little more than what we expected, £5 for adults and £3.50 for children and it would be pointless for us as we would only probably stay for 2 hours.

After what we heard from the others, we made the right decision.  So, at 7pm, boys were dead tired and went to bed, and Phil and I sat all alone on the campsite, in our little tent with gas fire and halogen on full, reading our books and doing the newspaper sudoku and crossword.  Our batteries went dead on the radio and we had no TV so we only had ourselves to face!  By 9.30pm we decided to turn in as we knew Ian, Linda, John and Ann would be having a good old knees up and wouldn’t be back until well after 12.30.  How wrong were we, but I will let Ian mention everything in his report.

Well, woke the next day to still no rain, enough time to start putting the tent down and pack away.  Boys didn’t wish to go home.  They always have a great time camping.

Ian and Linda, really know how to entertain and make you feel welcome.  It’s a long way to travel but when you get to site, you realise the distance is worth it.  Ian is the height of all knowledge for whats in the area (especially a Morrisons or an Asda) and Linda has the motherly touch in her.

Cant wait for the next one, hope to see you in Skegness!


Jo and Phil

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