New Rally Season

Welcome to a new rally season. After a long hard winter, I
would think that you are anxious to get your camper van out
on to the rally field. I have had more breakdowns again and it
was touch and go whether I would have my camper van up
and running in time for the rally season beginning. Never the
less, I have managed it and Linda and I are looking forward
to meeting you at the next rally.

There are some new venues to go to this year as well as a
couple of celebration rallies, One is in May for a 60th
Birthday and the other is in July for a 50th Wedding
Anniversary. Please note the special rally booking form for
these rallies and the folllow on rallies that are booked. it
would be appreciated if you would book in for the rally as
soon as you know you want to go on, especially where we
have to inform site owners and caterers on how many are
people and units will be coming,

The holiday rally for this year is only for two weeks. It looks
as if it is for three weeks but the rally at Belmont Hall in
Cheshire is an ordinary extended rally for the Queen’s
Jubilee and the meeting up for those who wish to go on the

As I said at the beginning of my report my camper van has
had a couple more breakdowns during the winter months. It
may come to the fact that it will eventually have to be laid up
for major repairs. If that does happen I hope I can rely on you
to still go on the rallies and enjoy yourself whether I am there
or not, It would be a great shame if a rally has to be cancelled
because of lack of interest due to my absence.

Lastly, can I remind you to book in early for the rally you
intend to go to. You can phone or post your booking to me.
More important, if after you have booked in for a rally then
find you can’t go please let me know.

Rally Secretary

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