Mothers Day 2015 Rally

It was a gloomy wet Thursday afternoon when we arrived at Clotherholme Farm in Ripon. We were rather apprehensive about driving onto the field as
it was looking a bit soft. we took a chance and slowly drove across the field and parked the caravan against the wall where the electric points
were. we soon had the caravan in position with the legs firmly down and hooked up to the power. There were three other members booked in and
they were soon arriving. John & Anne first followed on by Geoff. Derek had phoned in to make sure we were there and it wasn’t long before he arrived making a total of four units. once we all had our evening meal we all settled into our caravan for the first evening social.

Friday morning turned out to be more inviting. The rain had gone and the sky was alight with beautiful sunshine. It was decided that we all go into Ripon for a bit of retail therapy followed by some lunch in a cafe. We parked up at the rear of Sainsbury’s and slowly walked around the market square. We slowly toured the charity shops with a couple of purchases. Linda bought a couple of DVDs and a pair of patent leather shoes whilst John & Anne made their purchases. Geoff got a bargain buying a leather jacket for a pricey some of €£5 We were soon feeling hungry so off we went to Greggs. They have a cafe at the rear of the shop. We drove back to the campsite and settled down in our own vans to have a well deserved rest. Well! we had done a lot of walking. That evening was spent in our van talking drinking and nibbling.


Rally Field Rally Member relaxing Rallier & her dog Campers

Saturday morning was another bright day. John & Anne were staying on site as they were expecting a visit from their grandson and his family. We
went out taking Geoff with us. We ended up at Morrisons to buy the
evening food for the social. Pie pea & chips were on the menu. Geoff did some shopping for himself then it was another trip into their cafe for a
coffee and toasted teacake before returning back to campsite. We were going to buy petrol for the camper van but as it was 10p a litre more than at home so we declined and made do with what we had. We returned on site to be greeted in by John & Anne’s Grandson and his family. we were going to make tea for them but they had to return home early which was a shame. That evening we settled into our caravan to Pie Pea & Chips with gravy’ It went down well with some coming forward for a second helping.

Sunday morning was Mother’s Day and as Anne was the only mother on the rally she wJs presented with a Mother’s Day present and card. Once
Coffee morning was finished we all cleared up and went our separate ways home. It was another fantastic northern rally.

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