Mining Museum Report

We were slightly late on getting on site as we had to divert to the local supermarket to get some provisions. We arrived on site to be greeted by John & Anne who had traveled up from Long Eaton. They were parked up on the sites car park waiting patiently for us. Apparently no one was allowed to set up camp until we arrived as we were the rally marshals.

Once we signed in and paid the deposit for the keys to the gates and toilets we drove on to the designated site and set up camp. We had brought the trailer tent as we were only
expecting four units with us making five in all. We had our welcome cup of tea from Anne as she and John had soon set up camp long before us. Well, they only had their camper
whilst we struggled with the trailer tent erection. It was getting late when we received a phone call from Tom to say he wouldn’t be coming as his caravan was still in the
repairers. He was having repairs done to his caravan after it was damaged by gale force winds whilst on the Durham rally last year. Ian was concerned over Roy not arriving and
phoned him to see why he hadn’t come. He wasn’t feeling too well and decided to stay at home. Barry had just been released from hospital after having a heart problem and
Derek was in hospital having an operation on his leg. That just left the two of us on the rally. We held the coffee evening in the awning of the trailer tent but soon called it a
night once it got dark and the evening became rather cold.

On Friday we toured around the museum site with John & Anne taking in the all the attractions. It was rather cold and the best attraction for us was the cafe where we had coffee and teacake. We had a change of routine this weekend. Because John & Anne had to return back home on Saturday it was decided to have our social evening on the Friday. Ian made a mouth watering stew with dinner buns. As there were only four of us there was plenty to go round.

Saturday morning was wet and damp. John & Anne left were soon packed up and left for home. We had to wait for the tent to dry before we could pack up. It was a nice weekend.
It was a shame that there were only two of us on the rally. The Museum people weren’t too pleased. They were expecting five units. Hopefully we can return back to this
interesting venue.


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