Memoirs of a Rallier in York

Call it intuition, call it luck (or put it down to the fact that all the old Rallier’s warned me to check out Ian Little Leg’s directions) that I looked the York venue site up on the internet only to find that the post code was completely wrong. However, it was a pleasant surprise to find such a cracking setting only a short walk from the river where Sooty & Sweep spent much of their time. The usual greeting from Ian Little Legs “get you’re arses down to The Rally Arms” where drinks would be served and where Linda was ‘Yolked up to the stove’. I then presented Ian Little Legs with a current edition of ‘Trivia on the Loo’ that I managed to acquire (with the hope of improving his jokes). 

 Next we were introduced to Stuart & Brenda who obviously hadn’t been warned about Ian Little Legs direction impediment, as they had followed his instructions and ended up at Mrs Winterbottom’s No.7 Stubden Grove 1/2 a mile from site?

 Next to arrive was Derek who found the site first time despite some trouble from his eyes! Followed by Ian Long Legs and Chrissy.

 I didn’t erect the awning just in case Ian Little Legs hadn’t digested his new jokes (that’s me – quick to learn! Sometimes) so I could make a hasty retreat.

 We had a pleasant walk into York on the tow path (avoiding thousands of cyclists) great pub grub, site seeing & bargain hunting. Meanwhile Derek’s plumbing skills were put to the test fixing a perished water pipe on Ian & Linda’s new motorhome at no charge – ‘a freebee’ Which I thought was very commendable it’s so nice to turn to friends & fellow ralliers for help and advice in sharing their skills & expertise – with this in mind and knowing Ian Long Legs is a professional gardener I thought I’d try for a few handy tips – Result, I now know that if I chop down a Elder tree (which I don’t happen to have) I need to spit on it tree times so has not to annoy the witches!!!

 After a few drinks at the Dormouse with Ian & Chrissy we returned to camp for a rest before our BIG Feast!

 The BIG Feast – Bangers & Mash cooked & served by Rab.C. Nesbitt donned in his little ‘pinny apron (and very little else!) Now if I were a critic on food then there would probably be a lot of restaurants closed down but………..Hey out of a count of ten I would award this meal of bangers & mash & carrots & peas & mushroom & onion plus the icing on the cake a super thick tasty gravy my mark would be twelve. Well done Rab.

 Social evening in & around the Rally Arms for more drinkies prize giving & raffle, plus Ian Little Legs’s jokes. 

 Now call me a sceptic BUT! When Derek won the quiz which basically consisted of finding places at address’s around York (clues supplied by Ian Little Legs).

 You see firstly, I thought I had a good chance of winning having found the rally site from the false post code.

Secondly, the last time I saw Derek on his way to the quiz he was cycling his bike down the towpath towards York with two slices of cucumber covering his eyes (suspicious or what?).

 Thirdly, all the winning raffle tickets seemed to belong to Derek (drawn by Ian Little Legs).

 Now I’m not suggesting any skulduggery – but, perhaps that plumbing job wasn’t a full Freebee! Know what I mean – nudge, nudge!!!     

  Well I suppose the BIG question is do we return? We asked Sooty & Sweep, they said that they were missing Linda’s box of doggy biscuits & Sooty was missing her mate Derek so maybe you haven’t seen the back of us YET!


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