Malton Rally Report

The weather was perfect for our arrival at Malton Rugby Club. As always a warm greeting from Linda & Ian with the welcome cuppa & treats for Sooty & Sweep.We sat out enjoying the sunshine, chatting catching up on our news. Linda & Ian looking so cosy on their plastic bench made for two. Next thing we knew we were talking to two pairs of feet in the air. Linda & Ian had both fallen backwards head over heels onto the grass!My first aid training kicked in instantly remembering vital responses to this situation – C.P.R. (Camera, Photo & Rally report!)We were joined by Linda as we went hunter gathering into Malton taking in a pub & Morrisons. Later that evening Sooty & Sweep decided to do their own hunter gathering by catching the biggest rabbit we’d ever seen.We eventually retired to our own van. Terry went for a pee, minutes later I heard him running past our van panting! Seemingly on his return from the loo he spotted the International Space Lab passing over it being such a clear sky. We had been talking about it earlier so Terry wanting to share his sighting & decided to ‘knock Linda up’ Ian didn’t seem to mind!Next day we were joined by Derek (Who’s Derek) Gordon & Sandy in their new vans. Lovely to see them and catch up on news.Terry and I went for a wander round Malton with my mission of buying a soap dish.

We met Derek in Yorkshire Trading Co. who was on a mission of buying a washing up bowl. Both missions were completed we soon completed Terry’s mission a few pints later in the pub!In the evening we were joined by Jean & Wayne.Chrissie & Ian were unable to join us at Malton as Chrissie was in hospital with a high temperature & an infection – we all wished her a speedy recovery as her infectious laugh was sadly missed! Penny & Geoff were camped in Flamborough house hunting, we wish them all the luck with that. Saturday saw a lovely hot day with Terry & I visiting a very busy food festival, too busy for us. Unfortunately the weather spoilt itself for the evening BBQ but it didn’t dampen our spirits.Wayne kept us entertained by playing his guitar as we all sang along to his repertoire of songs. Wayne is a fantastic guitar player with excellent technique & finger strumming skills but sadly could not complete with my version of ‘The wheels on the Bus!’ Linda’s birthday celebrations next day were good with a birthday tea, lots of yummy sarny’s & lots of cream cake (Charlie missed out).The usual raffle at night & drinking continued with Derek (Who’s Derek) sharing his winning chocolates.We left for home next day with 2 tired dogs & 2 hangovers after having a wonderful weekend and looking forward to next rally at York.

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