Lincoln Motorhome Show

We arrived together from Haxey Quays arriving just after lunch. We were sited with the
Camping & Caravanning Club as our clubs pitch was disbanded owing to a low interest.
The marshals of the club sited us in precise position as they are usually perfect and we
set about preparing the caravan for living in.

Once set up we explored the site looking for the closes water tap and elsan. They weren’t that far and as a bonus the flush toilet and showers were next to them. We returned to the van where we all sat down to a Sheppard Pie for dinner. That evening we ventured down to the marquee for the evening entertainment. A Country music guy called Darren Busby was the first entertainer followed by a group called Sweet Sensations. It wasn’t good so we left early and went back to our vans.
Friday was the day the show opened. We hastily went across the showground to the
event to see all the new and unaffordable motorhomes. There was a nice caravan we
liked but after measuring the length of it found it was two foot too long to fit our drive at
home. (Yes, we do go home sometimes) The weather was hot and sunny and we soon became tired of walking through the trade stalls looking at every accessory you can
imagine for caravanning. We even saw a free standing blow up awning. Now that’s a
novelty. No poles to break in the wind. Ian fancied that, so did John. After a few hours
we returned to our vans for some refreshment then chilled out and waited for Eleanor
and Geoff to arrive. They did eventually get here around 4pm. They phoned Ian to say
they were having problems with their fridge so Ian went off to find them and sort it out.
That evening we all went into the marquee for another night of entertainment. A comedy
group called The Professionals which were good followed by The Beatles Experience
and finishing the night off with One Night of Queen by Garry Mullen. They were really
good. We left the maquee at 11pm after a most enjoyable evening.
Saturday was a really entertaining day. We had a Red Arrow air display followed later on by a flypast from a Lancaster a Spitfire and Hurricane. We didn’t realise at the time
but Warners organisers were putting on a 1940s Theme weekend and to put the icing on the cake was the Glen Miller Tribute Band being on that evening. Before that we had
another look around the sales and still bought nothing. That evening we queued outside
the marquee for a half hour to get inside for a seat with a good viewing. We saw a girl
taking off Dame Vera Lynn which wasn’t very good followed by Marc Robinson with the
Counterfeit Crickets doing Buddy Holly, he was good and for the finally The Glen Miller
Tribute Band they were exceptional, It was a good evening of entertainment with the
exception of Jill Daniels.
Sunday was the last day of the show. I went into the sale with Ian to see if there were
any reduced bargains. There was nothing going. We did buy a flag pole to replace the
one that broke on the Redcar rally. We also bought a County Durham flag. Ian asked for
a Pink Panther flag but they didn’t have one. Later that day we met up with John &
Anne’s friends Ralph & Maureen. Ian invited them with John & Anne to a Spaghetti
Bolognese dinner where we all sat outside eating the meal with bottles of wine supplied
by Ralph & Maureen. Later that evening we assembled in the marquee for an evening’s
entertainment from The lvy League. They were fantastic.
Monday was preparing the van for going home day. We weren’t going home but moving
on to a Swift rally before going on to the ACCEO AGM at Towcester racecourse. But
before all that we were camping a few days at North Scarle. John & Anne with Ralph &
Maureen decided to go with us but only for the one night. On our way out of the
showground we caught up with Eleanor & Geoff. We stopped to say our goodbyes and
wish them a safe journey home. The weekend at the Lincoln show was very good and
Ian has booked it for next years rally. We do need five units to have our own patch so
do come along and support the club. You will enjoy it as well as the evening entertainment.

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