Letter from the Rally Secretary

We are now midway through the rallying year. Attendance on the rallies has been rather poor. Numbers have dwindled dramatically. I am not
sure of the reason. I do know that there are some members in poor health but there are others who don’t get in touch and we never see
them. These are the people I am concerned about. If you are one of these people and find it difficult to get to a rally then get in touch with me
and discuss it. l’m sure we can sort something out and have you back on the rally field. It seems a shame that you are missing out on a good
weekend with your friends. It must be better to come rallying than staying home.

Your rally at Flamborough is for seven days. As you will know it is a delightful site with only a short walk into Flamborough where you can
board a bus into Bridlington or to Scarborough. On the Saturday evening we hold the Member’s Meeting where we discuss the running of the club
and most importantly choosing where we are holding next years rallies. This is important for you and the club’s survival. Without your
suggestions we would have to close. So come along to this rally and join in at the meeting and give us your ideas for the coming year.

The Lincoln Motorhome Show is a pre-booked rally. The club has a reserved pitch which gives you a £2 reduction. please remember to book
directly with Warners and send me your rally booking form. We do have a meet up rally at Haxey Quays for those of you who can come.

The A.C.C.E.O. rally follows on from Lincoln. It is at Stafford Show ground. This venue is much closer for us to travel so I am hoping that there will be a much more interest from you in wanting to go, It is as usual a pre-booked rally with monies having to be paid in advance so the booking
forms have to be in by August along with your money. please send your cheque in with your booking form to me making your cheque payable to

After the A.C.C.E.O rally the Pickering War Weekend will be on. We will be camping at a new venue ten miles from pickering on a
delightful campsite at Cherry Tree Farm Nawton. you don’t have to go to Pickering if this event doesn’t appeal to you as there are other places of
interest in the close affinity.

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