Letter from Eunice & Ron

Hi to all,

We hope that all went well at the club’s AGM rally. We are really sorry regards the last minute cancellation. We have been in a right mess in more ways than one. After the disastrous burst pipes we have had to have a new ceiling put in the decorating which was started last week and hopefully finished on Monday.

Poor Ron has had to deal with this all by him self as well as visiting the hospital twice a day. I was rushed in on October 26th and came out on the following Tuesday evening. I was in Tameside Hospital with trips to Manchester Royal three times for scans. To cut a long story short I’ve got blocked arteries and may have to have open heart surgery. Bit of complications so I’m back home while it is sorted out and see a consultant again in about four weeks. Other wise I’m okay.

On the brighter side I have renewed my subscription for 2011.

Thank you for the summer edition of Rallier and the Christmas card that came with it. We look forward to reading the rally reports. It keeps us in touch. It seems we now have a nice group of people in the club which we are looking forward to meeting and some good rallies for 2011.

At the moment though, things are on hold as we don’t know what the out come will be.

Best wishes to all our camping friends and ralliers. Keep well and have a healthy 2011 with some good camps.

For the members who haven’t yet seen us, please note the photo below. I’m the good looking one on the left and that’s our camper.

Eunice & Ron

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