Letter from Eunice & Ron

Dear rally friends,

Over the last year or so we haven’t been out much due to family upsets and health reasons. Health and age has now told us to call it a day. No more camping. No more fishing etc etc. We have had a good run , nearly 60 years of camping so we can’t grumble.

We thank our friends past and new for all your company and friendship especially Linda and Ian whom we first met in 1990 / 91 in the VWOCC and then we were in at the start of the NRCC and did many rallies and some wonderful holidays.

We have lots of memories and enjoyed being in the club so we hope it gets the support it needs for all the work Ian and Linda put in to make it a good club.

We are still staying members so we can look forward to reading in the club magazine what you have been up to.

We wish you all good rallying good health and good weather.

Take care and God Bless.

Love Eunice & Ron.

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