John’s Rallython

We went to North Scarle for the Valentine weekend. The weather was good and on Saturday we went to Newark with Phil & Joanne and their two boys. we went into a pub restaurant and we all had a bowl of chips for our lunch, we arrived back at camp and much later we all gathered into the pub for our evening meal. we enjoyed it very much. That was
our first camp of the year.

In March we went to Ripon. There was just the four of us. Ian & Linda, Geoff and Derek. The ground was a little boggy. The next day we all went into Ripon. After an hour we returned back to the campsite.

On Sunday my grandson and his family came up for visit. we all had a
good time.

ln April we went to Carlecotes near to Holmfirth. We were met on site by Ian & Linda. The ground was soft and we had to be pulled onto the site by the tractor. The views from the campsite were wonderful.

Camping Sunset Camping Dice Earrings







The next day we got the bus to Hormfirth. we went into Sid’s cafe and had a meal then we had a walk around the town. we saw Nora Batty’s house then we called into a pub for a drink. we then met up with Ian & Linda then caught the bus back to the campsite.

On Bank Holiday Monday we got the bus into Barnsley. we didn’t stay long as all the shops were closed. we got the bus back to the campsite.

On Tuesday Geoff called out the RAC to fix his caravan lights.

On the 23rd May we went to Carsington Water. We arrived there about 12 noon. We had our dinner in the visitor centre. As we got on site Geoff arrived. Ian & Linda’s camper
was brought on site by the RAC recovery truck. They had broken down on their way here.

The next day we cycled around the lake. lt was eight miles up hills and down them.

On Monday we got the bus to Matlock. we walked round for a while then went into the cafe for a meal. After the meal we went into the park to see the beautiful flower displays. There were first class. Anne and Ian sat on the bench whilst we wandered around looking at the skaters on the rink and the bowlers on the green. After the we caught the bus back to the campsite.

On Tuesday the RAC truck came to take lan’s broken camper back home.  Geoff soon got ready and went and we just after him We only had to  travel the 30 miles or so.  we were’nt very far from home.  So far the rallies have been very good.  Lets hope the second part of the year will be just as good.


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