Hyde Farm

It took five hours to get to this venue. We left on the Sunday as it was a better
weather forecast than the Monday. We arrived on site around 11 o’clock just as
the site owner was leaving fon their holiday in Devon. I was amazed to find
there was a large redundant poly tunnel for our use as a Rally Arms for our
evening socials. This was good news though I wished that the site owner had
told me when I had booked the rally with her. lt would have saved me the
trouble of bringing the club tent for the Rally Arms. lt wasn’t long after that that
Nick arrived from Leominster. “l thought I would surprise you of being here
early when you arrived from Darlington but you have surprised me” he said.
“Not to worry Nick, have a cuppa tea with us” I said and he did.

On Monday it rained all morning but we were alright, our camper van was set
up with the awning out and the equipment for the rally was placed inside the
poly tunnel, our make shift Rally Arms. By lunch time Derek arrived and was
soon set up and drinking tea in the Rally Arms. He was impressed with the
arrangement. When John arrived with Anne they too were impressed. ‘Allwe
need now is a few more members to fill iL lt would probably hold around 50
seated people. We stayed on site for the rest of the day as the weather was
rather dismal. The evening was spent in the rally Arms having tea and cake
and with a little of that extra special brew.

Tuesday was a much brighter’day and warmer. John Derek Linda & I cycled
the mile into Pershore. This is a small delightful town with several small shops
along with the usual Supermarket- No, it wasn’t Morrisons. We browsed
through the Charity shops buying up the odd bargain including four cushions at
81.50p each which I thought was a real good bargain. The same sized
cushions in Darlington were priced at !4.50p each. We rested on the bench by
the River Avon before making our way back to the campsite. lt was now
becoming very warm and just sitting outside was too rnuch for me. We were all
glad when the evening came and temperatures were dropping. We finished off
the evening in the poly tunnel Rally Arms.

Wednesday came again bright and sunny” John took Anne Linda and me into
Pershore with his camper van. lt was for Anne’s benefit as she couldn’t go with
us the day before as she hadn’t got a bike. We mainly retraced out steps from
Tuesday. The only difference was we drove down to the picnic area of the
River Avon for a picnic. The temperatures by now had risen to 25 degrees and
it was proven far too hot to sit in it so we took shelter under the riverside trees.
On our return to camp we called into Asda for the provisions for our evening
tea. ln the evening we invited a chap over to join us as he was on his own. He
was called Ken and he came from Bridgewater in Somerset. He was working in
this area and it proved cheaper to camp on the site than to commute back and
fore from home to work. He gave us a run down on his personal life which was
quite interesting before returning to his caravan for the night. It wasn’t long
after that that we all retired to our beds as it had been an exhausting day.

Thursday and Linda and I stayed on site just chilling out and resting. Yesterday had taken its toll with the heat. Today was slightly cooler which a blessing was. Linda had a slight glimpse of the nudists whilst walking the dogs. Yes, I did mention that we were sharing the site with a naturist camping club. Mind you, once you’ve seen one nudist you’ve seen them all, and no, John wasn’t one of them. After lunch John, Anne and Derek went out to Evesham. We stayed on site taking it easy. Well it was a holiday rally. It wasn’t too long before John Anne and Derek returned from Evesham. We spent the evening sitting outside in the cool shade. The temperature in the poly tunnel must have been over the 80s which was too darn hot for us.

Friday was the day for Nick to leave for home. He had been here since Monday but had to go because of a hospital appointment. Richard & Susan arrived in their newly acquired camper van which was very smart. Although the vehicle was three years old the interior was new. We all had a nose looking at it opening closet doors and finding out what else it had. It was very smart. Even the site owner’s son had a look. Fle was in the next field
Mole catching. I think he was going to make Mole in the Hole or Mole Stew. Not that we fancied that. It wasn’t long after, that Jean arrived sporting her newly acquired tent. She soon had it erected but it was taking ages to pump up the air mattress. John came to the rescue with his efficient double blowing air pump. It was up in minutes. With Jean in position that was the rally complete. With six units on the rally it was quite an achievement considering it was a long way from home. We finished the day off with
Jacket Potato with a chilli or a cheese filling followed by drinks and chat.

The rally was due to end on the Sunday but John had got a problem with his eye so he decided he should go home and get it seen to. Derek was going to the Stratford Motorhome Show then going onto a rally at Brownhills. Richard & Susan as well as Jean had other commitments and also went home which left just Linda & me. During the night the winds blew a little too fierce and damaged the awning on the camper. It had to be
taken down and put away. Then once again the sliding door on the camper van fell off. That was the final straw. We decided that we should also go home before anything else should go wrong. It was turned 12 noon by the time we were packed up and on our way. The winds were still fairly strong and blowing in our direction, It took just under five hours to get home which was really good as we had stopped for an hour at Rotherham for some dinner.

The week had been good. There were more dry warm days than wet. The site was very nice and if there is an interest from other members the club can return in the future whether or not the naturists are there also.

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