Haxey Quays

We arrived here just in front of John & Anne. We were expecting to be
sited on the same field as last year but we were sited at the top rally
field quite some distance from the elsan disposal point. Looking on the
brighter side we had the whole field to ourselves and it was the size of a football pitch. We set up the caravan as John & Anne arrived along with Mike, the site owner. He asked the usual questions, how many more are coming? You feel embarrassed when you tell him we are the rally. No one else is coming. Then you hope and prayer that he doesn’t put you on the five van site and charge you double. We were even more embarrassed when we said we were leaving the caravan on site and going home. “what for’? He asked. “We have to go home to retrieve our camper van and we are leaving the caravan here for John & Anne to use” we said. He looked at us in amazement and went away. we had a cup of tea with John & Anne and set off home. It had been a hectic weekend as Ian had to get the camper from the welding garage and put it in for it’s MoT.

We returned back to Haxey on the Monday with the camper van in a much better condition. John & Anne were out exploring but came back early thinking we couldn’t get in the caravan but they didn’t know we had a spare key. we didn’t do anything once we got back. we just chilled out with a drink then had an early night.

On Tuesday we all went in to Doncaster but first we called into the Doctors
surgery to collect some tablets for Anne. We visited the Doncaster market
famous for its second hand stalls and boot sale type stalls. Everything is
very cheap and if you’re not careful you end up spending more than you

we were also clock watching. The car park only allows you two hours parking and when the time was up Ian moved the camper into Tesco’s car park which is also two hours parking but for shopping in Tesco we returned back to camp, had some lunch, and I went with John for a walk along the river bank. Ian stayed on site with Anne.
On Wednesday Ian took us into Gainsborough. we needed to load up with
provisions in readiness for the Lincoln Motorhome Show. Ian said it would
be a good idea if visited the Gainsborough Model Railway Show. This is a
permanent garage model railway and we have always wanted to see it.
You can imagine our disappointment when we got there to find that it only
opens certain dates of the year and today wasn’t one of them. We returned
back to camp and Ian prepared an evening meal for all of us. We sat down
to Cornish Pasties with chips and peas. They were lovely and very filling.
The next morning we prepared our vans for travel and set off towards
Lincoln for the motorhome show. We were supposed to be camping in the
club’s reserved pitch, but because only three club members booked in for
the show we lost our reserved pitch. We camped in with the Camping &
Caravanning Club whilst Eleanor & Geoff had to go in with the general
public camping area as they weren’t Camping & Caravanning Club
members. Ian has booked the club in for the show next year. We hope we
can get at least five units booked in then we will have our own reserved

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