Haxey Quays – September

On Friday September 19th we left home to go to Haxey Quays. The weather was poor with low cloud and fog. We had to go to the caravan storage yard to collect the caravan. Once there and hooked up we set off on the dreaded A1M.  It was dense with traffic mainly heavy good vehicles struggling for space on the motorway. This part of the A1M is only a two lane motorway until you get to junction 51.

We finally arrived at Haxey Quays to be greeted by the site owner who was very pleased to see us. He thought we weren’t coming as we were the first ones to arrive. He showed us to our pitch and left us to get settled in. It wasn’t too long before John & Anne arrived. We were camping adjacent to the River Idle where narrow boats are tied to the river bank. Fishing is allowed on the river and your own pleasure boat. We were soon settled in and were cooking our evening meal. The evening was spent in our caravan with John & Anne. Geoff who was expected to come today phoned to say it would be 12 o’clock tomorrow before he could come. He had ‘had a bad night before and wasn’t feeling too well.

Saturday morning was a dull and overcast day. Geoff arrived at 12 noon as promised and it didn’t take him long to get his caravan erected and settling down to a welcome cup of tea. Derek arrived making it a full compliment of ralliers which was good as we had doubled the attendance since on last year. That evening we all sat in our caravan to a large bowl of vegetable soup and crusty cob. We finished off the evening talking and drinking until
the late hours.

Sunday morning was a much brighter day. The sun was shinning and it was quite warm. After we had morning coffee we decided that we should all go on a bike ride that was all of us except Anne. She hadn’t brought a bike so she stayed on site as security with the dogs whilst we cycled away down the country lane. We cycle down to the next village at West Skipworth then along the Chesterfield canal to Misterton returning along the main A161 road to Haxey Quays.

Adjacent to the campsite is the Haxey Gate pub and as we had run up a thirst it would be a good idea to call in and quench it. Two pints later and we returned to camp and got prepared for our evening meal. The evening was spent outside in the sunshine drinking and talking of our next cycle adventure.

Monday morning arrived very warm and sunny. Before we realised it we were preparing for another cycle ride to Epworth, a distance of 10 miles. we looked at the map and agreed to go the quiet country lanes, which was another couple of miles further. Off we set on our way cycling our merry way.
It soon became apparent that it was a little further than expected. Once past
Owston Ferry we hit our first hill and it wasn’t long before Ian & I were off our
bikes and walking.


The others kept on going which was good for Geoff as he didn’t have a power bike like what John and Derek had. They did wait at the top for us and we were soon on our way to

On arriving at Epworth we spotted a cafe and we were soon ordering tea and bacon sandwiches and sitting outside in the lovely sunshine.

Cycling doesn’t half give you an appetite. Once we were replenished we tied up our cycles and had a wonder around Epworth. Although Epworth is well spread out and covers a wide range, the town centre is quite small and it took just an hour to go round. We were soon back on our cycles and making our way back to the campsite. We were glad to get back, My legs were aching and Ian’s chest was giving him some grief, We settled down after tea and rested.

Tuesday came and it was decided to go to Gainsborough but not on the bikes. After morning coffee John & Anne went with us in our camper van whilst Geoff took Derek in his car. We love Gainsborough. There are so many independent shops as well as the big supermarkets. The market was on and we browsed through the stalls to see if we could find a bargain. We weren’t lucky but there are enough charity shops to get that bargain. It wasn’t long before we had to take Anne to the local hospital for her to get some tablets for an infected scar left by the recent Shingles she had had.

We dropped her and John off at the hospital whilst we did some more shopping. On our return to the hospital we found that she was still waiting to been seen. Eventually she was called in and it was soon sorted and we were on our way back to camp. That evening we all went into the Haxey Gate Pub for a carvery meal. It was lovely.

Wednesday was another bright and warm day. We were going to the Lincoln show ground today to prepare the club’s pitch for the weekend. We were slightly apprehensive about it as we hadn’t qualified for our own pitch as we didn’t have enough members going to the show before, but this time we did.

It had been a good rally at Haxey Quays. It’s just one of them campsites that you can just laze around all day if you want or get out either, walking, fishing, boating, or cycling, like what we did. We hope we can do it again next year and we do hope other members can come and do it with us either with their bike, their boat their canoe or just their legs for walking if that is possible.

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