Gargrave Rally Report

We were looking forward to our 1st rally camp of 2014 then everything went a bit hectic. All was prepared inside and outside of the camper van, then ewe found out that the solar panel had given up on us after 20 odd years’ service. We finally got a replacement on the last minute but Ron had to make a new frame plus some re-wiring. Then Ron broke his tooth so on the Monday he had to have it out and one filled. Next, the Doctor phoned. He wanted to see Ron on the Wednesday as we were setting off to go to Gargrave. We got to the Doctors early but unfortunately one Doctor was off so we had a long wait to see the other one plus a half an hour for his prescription to be made up. But at last we were on our way.

It was a greyish day but we got there eventually after a sight diversion, one of our own making. We were met by John. Unfortunately Anne wasn’t with him. She was at home recovering from Shingles. We hope that you are now on the mend Anne. Ian was waiting to pick up his camper van which was in the garage for repairs, “that sounds familiar” Geoff made us a lovely cup of tea in his new collapsible caravan. It is really nice with plenty of room inside. We hope you get a lot of pleasure out of it Geoff.

After we got back we sorted out our camper van as it was tea time. John & Geoff went to the pub to see if they were giving out any freebies, “Dream On” It had become very cold so about 9 o’clock we got out our books and tucked ourselves up in bed. That night the wind got up and the van rocked us to sleep.

Thursday and still no sun out. John & Geoff came in for a cuppa tea and a snack and before we knew it, it was lunch time. We were in the middle of eating our lunch when Ian & Linda arrived. Once they got settled in we went round to see them and their new caravan which is very spacious with all mod cons compared to the other one they had. Parked next to them was Derek who had only just arrived. Once again John & Geoff went off to the pub in the hope of some freebies but still no luck.

That evening we all met up in the Rally Arms/Van apart from Geoff. He had dozed off in his caravan. We know the feeling Geoff. We had some drinks and chats then it was time for us to turn in to our own vans.

Friday, it was very cold, it must have been because I was wearing a woollie’ hat which is a rare thing for me to do. After lunch we strolled down to the village and met Derek on his way back. We were very impressed with the variety of food in the local Co-op store.

There was quite a good selection. We purchased a few things then as we were coming out we saw the others doing their shopping in one of the aisle. Ron also saw a Rhubarb Pie which he likes so that went into the shopping basket. We walked back to camp with Ian & Linda. The other two suddenly disappeared. That evening again was spent in the Rally Arms/Van. We enjoyed the apple turnover that was put on and the chatting that went with it.

Saturday, and surprise, surprise the sun had come out and it was feeling quite warm. Ian prepared his camper van to take all of us into Skipton. It was quite busy. We first popped in to church and Ron treated us to tea and a scones. On leaving the church we visited the craft fair but it was so crowded we were glad to get outside again. We strolled through the main street browsing at the market stalls. I wanted a washing line we a steel thread through the middle but I had no luck. Linda managed to get the things she was looking for but we didn’t. On the way back to Ian’s camper van we came across a busy pie shop.

The lovely aroma was too much so in we went and came out with a couple of hot tasty sausage rolls and immediately set about eating them when we saw Ian Linda & John doing the same. We couldn’t resist them.

That evening we all enjoyed Ian’s home made soup followed by Rice Pudding and Strawberry Jam. What a lovely finish to the day and the rally. It was also lovely to see you all again and also a big thank you to Ian & Linda for the Mother’s Day plant & Card. It was blooming lovely.

Sunday and the sun was shining again as we packed up and got ready to go home. Geoff was staying an extra night whilst Derek was looking forward to his holiday in Benidorm. The raffle on the Saturday night made £10 and I won a lovely cookie box. See you all soon. God Bless.


Eunice & Ron.

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