Flamborough Report

This rally was to celebrate the clubs 10th anniversary.  It only seems a few years since the club was formed and now 10 years later here we are celebrating it. We came from Pocklington with John, Anne & Geoff.  There were a few other campers on the field but as there were at the bottom end they weren’t upsetting us.  One of them came up to us and asked us if we wanted them to move as they knew we were coming and they  didn’t want to be in our way.

We explained that they were ok where they are and Ian gave them an application form to join us but they declined our offer.  We were soon setup thought Geoff had to move his camper as he couldn’t get a strong TV signal where he was parked up first.

Within a couple of days we had six units on camp and everyone was keen to play the games.  We did some practice games a couple of days before whilst we did our usual shopping. On Thursday we all went to the Strawberry fields carboot and market. This is a huge event and it takes a couple of hours plus to go round.  By Saturday we were almost ready for the games.  Ian had put up a board displaying photos of 10 years of rallying.  This was a competition where one had to name the place or venue of the rally.  We started the games off gently with Hoop La.  Derek was the master of that getting most of his hoops on target.

This was followed by badmington.  Ian & Chrissie were the best team on that game.  After a short break for tea it was time for the boules.  Once again Ian & Chrissie came first followed closely by Anne and John.  The main party game was the horse racing.  Each member had to choose a horse and ride it. There were seven racers with a water jump and a high jump.  Each horse had a name and bets were taken to make it more interesting.  It was so funny to see the jockeys all dressed up in the fancy dress costumes.  Chrissie won the best and original best costume.  It took over an hour to do the deven racers and it was so funny when the jockeys fell at the water jump.  After the excitement of the afternoon we played  several games of prize bingo just to relax and wind down.

That evening we all settled down to an american style supper.  Maid Linda was serving and it was enjoyed by all.  I want to thank the members who came and took part in our party games.  It was fun.  I wish to thank all those members who participated in the games.  I’m sure you all enjoyed yourselves.  The out right winner on all the games was Ian & Chrissie who won a years free membership to the club.  Gordon won the picture quiz.  He got a £5 rally voucher.  To win this quiz you had to study the 30 photos of the different rallies we have had over the last 10 years and name the site.  A bonus point was given if you could remember the date.  Several members entered but to be fair some of the members weren’t members of the club when some of these photos were taken.  Congratulations to those members who did take part and getting a good result.  Every picture tells a story and you can see them on the centre fold. I do hope you enjoy looking at them.  You can order one of them at a cost of £2.  We will be repeating the games rally next year at Flamborough.  So come along and enjoy yourselves ona bit of silly fun.

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