Flamborough Rally

We left home at 1pm rather late for us but there were things that had to be done before leaving. we went the usual long and tedious way through Hovingham Estate, the delightful Market town of Malton and across the yorkshire Wolds arriving on site by 3.30pm.

John & Anne along with Geoff were on site with the kettle on the boil. It was rather pleasant for us to be given a cuppa tea on arrival. After the tea was finished we set about positioning the caravan and putting up the awning. We were using it as the Rally Arms. With only five units booked in, it seemed pointless to bring the club’s tent when our awning would suffice.
It was Tuesday when Gordon arrived. It had been seven months since we last saw Gordon and it was really good to see him again. John took Linda for a drive to the RSPB Reserve at Bempton Cliffs. There they took photographs of the birds but mainly the Puffins which were usually a rare site at Bempton. They returned by lunch time and after lunch we walked with Geoff and John up to the cliff path and admire the view across
Bridlington Bay. It is so breathtaking. we returned by the cliff top walk and down through Beacon Farm to our campsite. That evening we first sat outside in the warm sunshine then finished off the evening inside the Rally Arms.

Wednesday shone bright and sunny. John took us to Bridlington to do some shopping. The street market was on which was good as we were able to buy some reasonable priced vegetables for our evening meal. On our return to camp we decided to walk through the woods which John had previously found a path through to Danes Dyke. There were John & Geoff along with Linda and me plus the two mutts which I thought that if I
have to walk so will they. Mind you they seemed to enjoy it more than me. It was a good walk going through the woods though part of the path was slightly muddy. we got to the cliff edge and to get to Danes Dyke we had to go down a flight of steep concrete steps. There were quite a few to go down as they zig zagged down the steep cliff edge. Because of this we decided that it was not for us as once at the bottom we would have to climb back up these steps to get back on to our journey along the cliff walk towards the campsite. We had intended to go as far as the south Landing but we abandoned that idea when we got to the part of-the walk where we forked off to the left which led us down from the cliff top and back to the campsite via Beacons Farm. We spent the evening,outside
the Rally Arms as it was so warm then we went inside the Rally Arms
when the sun went down and it became a bit chilly.

Thursday morning was spent at the Strawberry Fields car boot sale as we were looking for that elusive bargain. We arrived there by 10 o’clock and spent almost 3 hours walking up and down each aisle trying to spot a bargain. There were quite a lot of people doing the same.  Some items were silly money but there were quite a lot of items going cheap for 20p and 50p. We all managed to buy something. I bought a tube of magic glue. I wanted it to glue my caravan together as it is coming away at the seams. l’ll let you know later if it worked.

Friday morning again was warm and sunny. It was decided by persons unknown that a mile walk to the lighthouse would be a good idea. So off we went Linda & me as well as the two dogs with John Ian & Chrissie. lt was a very long mile. lt took and hour and a half when we finally got the lighthouse in view. By then my feet were very sore. I was wearing thinly soled light shoes which were not made for walking great lengths.

Once there we were greeted with lovely views of the North Sea. A plaque was erected commemor€ating a great sea battle in 1779 between the English and the Americans. Before our return to the campsite Derek arrived on his power bike. We did ask him for a croggy but he declined our request. We all went for a refreshing cup of tea before setting off back to the campsite. We retumed back in time for our fish n chip supper provided for us by the local fish shop. They were delicious.

On Saturday John & Anne had to leave us for home. They had a previous engagement in London. They had a hearty breakfast and left by 11 o’clock. That afternoon Geoff took Linda & me along with Ian to the North Landings. Geoff parked the car in the car park and we walked down a steep path onto a small shingle beach where there were hundreds of people sitting on the beach or playing in the water. Some had inflatable canoes where others were scuba diving. There was a small converted fishing boat which took
people out into the bay which gave them views from the sea of the colony
of sea birds.

We then proceeded along the coast to view the numerous caves that were dotted along the coastline. The trip took just over half an hour and cost £5. We returned back to the campsite where Linda & I set about preparing the evening meal. We were having Bangers and Mash with onion gravy accompanied by carrots and cabbage, followed by apple pie and custard. It was enjoyed by all. There was plenty left over for a second
helping but it was refused as everyone had had enough.

Sunday was the last day of the rally. It was also another scorching hot day. After breakfast and then coffee morning we each of us said our goodbyes and made our way towards home. Not all of us were going home. We had booked into Bishop Wilton campsite along with Geoff to spend a few days before going onto a Swift Owners Club rally. They were camping at Cropton on the Yorkshire Moors. We wanted to have a look at this site in
the hope that it would be okay for a NRCC future rally. Geoff decided that as the weather was far too nice to go home he would keep us company for a couple of days longer which was nice. We have had a brilliant week at Flamborough. The weather was at its best. There was never a wet day only an occasional rain during the night which we didn’t really mind. We have booked this site for next year also the hot weather. For those members
who missed this year make a note in your diary for July 2014. You certainly
won’t regret it.


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