Flamborough Rally

We arrived the day before the rally started so we could get the Rally Arms erected in readiness for the rally. Geoff, John & Anne came to help which we were most grateful. Before we started we all had a cup of  tea and sandwich with them. The weather was warm and sunny which made it more pleasant to work in. Once the tent was up we had another cup of tea and chat with our friends then we made our way back home leaving Geoff, John & Anne on site. The reason for doing this is, A, for Ian to attend hospital and, B, to return back to camp in the car which we had just recently acquired. Because Ian had to attend hospital in Middlesbrough every day, from Mondays to Fridays, it was much cheaper to travel to and from in a little car rather than a big camper van.

We returned to Flamborough on Tuesday after Ian’s treatment and just in time for tea. That evening we gathered inside the Rally Arms with other members For relaxing talk and drinks. We were pleased to see Derek was with us and even more pleased to see Gordon. It had been quite some time since he was out on a rally. It was great to see you again Gordon. The next morning Ian drove off to hospital and I just relaxed on site occasionally walking the dogs along the cliff top walks. When Ian returned around 4 o’clock we prepared our
evening meal then settled down in the Rally Arms for an evening social with our friends. The next day was Thursday and once Ian was off to the hospital I went to the Strawberry Fields car boot sale with Derek, Geoff, and John. We travelled in Geoff’s car which I thank him for. I bought a DVD for myself and electricians tape and a calculator for Ian. We got back to camp in time for Ian & Chrissie arriving on site. When Ian returned from hospital at 4 o’clock we had some tea then again settled in the Rally Arms for the social.

Friday arrived bright sunny and warm. Ian was soon away to hospital and I was off to Bridlington again with Geoff and Derek. This time we went on the bus. I did some shopping then we walked to the harbour where we had a pub lunch which I enjoyed tremendously. Time was now moving on so we had to get the bus back to camp in readiness for the evening social. We were all having a Fish and Chip Supper in the Rally Arms. On Ian’s return he went to the local fish shop for our meal which was enjoyed by all.
Saturday came and I was so relieved that Ian didn’t have to go to hospital.

After our breakfast we drove to Morrisons in Bridlington to buy the food for our afternoon BBQ. We got back to camp and set up the tables and the Barbie. We have a gas one now plus a couple of disposable ones. It saves a lot of cleaning away by doing it this way. We had it all ready in time. The gas was lit and the disposable ones, then within twenty minutes everyone was around cooking their meats while Ian and I prepared the salad. It was enjoyed by everyone. Barbecues are liked by all the members. That evening we settled in the Rally Arms for the Member’s Meeting. After the meeting the raffle was drawn then a
quiet social before retiring to our beds.

Sunday came bright and sunny. Morning breakfasts was had then coffee morning. The tent was taken down and put away then we departed for home. Ian & Chrissie along with Gordon and Geoff stayed on for an extra night. I want to thank everyone who helped me run the rally during Ian’s absence.

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