Flamborough after lockdown

Yippee so exciting to arrive at the lovely Flamborough site after months in lockdown.   Linda and Ian had set up camp the day before and their usual greeting was “kettle’s on if you want a cuppa.”   Our awning was erected smoothly and without any cross words.

Then we settled down to a cuppa and caught up with the others Derek, Freda, John and Paula.  Sadly Chrissie and Ian were unable to attend as Chrissie had been admitted to hospital. We are all thinking of them and wish Chrissie well.  

We were joined later by Andrew and Bernadette making up five units in total (six if you count Paula’s loo tent.)   A stroll into town later on, just to see if the beer was on form, it was!   Friday was fish and chips, Ian and Andrew were the hunter gatherers, Ian had to wear a mask much to the relief of the fish shop staff.

Meanwhile back at camp we had nicknamed John ‘Captain Birds Eye’ due to his big white beard, who decided to test my reclining deck chair. As Captain Birds Eye was wearing baggy shorts with no underpants I got quite an eyeful and renamed him ‘Captain Eye Full!’ The oldest swinger in town. 

Saturday was another lovely day however, there was a slight risk of rain due around our BBQ time. But alas the sun shines on the righteous as we sat out enjoying our own cooked meats accompanied by Linda and Ian’s lovely superbly prepared Waldorf salad and new spuds.  

Later we had our AGM followed by more drinking in the Rally Arms not to mention the big raffle!   The four days passed really quickly with lots of walking, eating, laughing, drinking and best of all excellent company.

Thanks Ian and Linda.p.s. On the drive home passing a Pick Your Own farm advertising pick your own Plums, I’m certain I saw Captain Eye Full’s car pulling in!!!    

Report & Photos by Heather

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