Darley Dale, August Bank Holiday Weekend 2008

The Club had invited us to camp with them at Darley Dale. I had been to Darley Dale before and knew what to expect but this was Jo and my son Jack’s first time. Jo drove nearly 200 miles for the first time also whilst I tried to sleep in the back of the van after having just come off a night shift.

We arrived on Sunday late afternoon/early evening. The BBQ had just been lit. It was great to be back in the Rally Arms after a break of almost 3 years.

It was our 8 month old son’s first camping trip and we all had a surprisingly good first night sleep.

Bank Holiday Monday, at first looking like it could rain but the Rally Marshall quite rightly assured us it would be a dry nice day, so we set off for a journey on the Peak Rail.

We were accompanied by the Club’s resident walking thesaurus and tour guide, Nick Mawby. The Saddle Tank Steamer (of which we didn’t take the serial number, but no doubt Mr Mawby will update us on that) took us to Matlock from which we strolled a mile and half into Matlock Bath. We had a fish and chip lunch and a bit of a window shop. The only downer was that there were no baby changing facilities in the whole of Matlock Bath. We strolled back to Matlock where a new Sainsburys had all the facilities.

We boarded the train again and took the train all the way to the end, to Rowsley which meant passing the rally field and waving to the NRCC just in case they saw us although we were a little distant. We purchased some light refreshments on board the train and then headed back to Darley Dale where we went back to the site. Back in the Rally Arms for a ‘Phil and Jo special quiz’ and a bevy then early to bed with our little man.

We hope to join the club next year. We feel that we have definitely missed getting outdoors with the club.

Thanks as always to Ian and Linda for making us welcome, you would expect nothing less from these two special people. Will check our schedules and await the next trip.

Joanne and Phil Green (and Baby Jack)

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