Christmas Dinner Rally

We wanted to get on site early as Peter the site warden had phoned Ian to say where he had left the keys to the building. The problem was that the sliding door fell off the camper van when we opened it. That happened out on the street and Ian and I had to carry it back to the house a distance of 50 yds so we could refit it back on the van. That took over an hour. It was very heavy and Ian had to use his Trolley Jack to raise it up whilst I guided it back on the runners.

Once on site Ian retrieved the keys and let ourselves into the building. Soon John & Anne arrived and between us all, we soon had the equipment in the hall. Shortly afterwards our
friends Phil Joanne and their two charming children Luke & Jack arrived. They had travelled all the way from Kent. I started the decorating of the hall whilst Ian gave out the
welcome packs, Jean, our daughter was coming on Friday so was Geoff. Roy whom we were expecting was too poorly to come so we only had four units on site. That’s the lowest Christmas dinner rally turnout we have ever had. Glen came on the Saturday but only for dinner with his friend John. They left shortly after dinner. Thursday evening we had Port or Sherry accompanied with Mince Pies. We had a practice gane of “Play Your Cards Right” a game that Ian had quickly erected at home but found it was too large to fit in the camper van for transportation and it had to travel in the caravan. The evening went well and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Friday was John Haynes Birthday and we had a small Birthday tea for him. Jean got stuck in traffic because the AIM Motorway was closed and she had to divert along with
hundreds of others. She arrived late Friday but in time for some Birthday tea.

On Saturday Ian & I went to Acomb to get in the provisions for the Christmas Dinner. That evening we all settled down to a lovely three course meal followed by games and a raffle. The whole evening was a success and everyone went back to their vans feeling quite full of food and happiness.

Sunday morning was quite busy for us. Whilst Ian was cooking breakfast I was taking down the decorations and cleaning up the hall before handing back the keys to Peter. The whole weekend was a huge success and hopefully we will do it again this coming Christmas.

Thank you to those who came and supported the rally. Without you it wouldn’t have worked.


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