Christmas Dinner Rally Report

We arrived late on Thursday afternoon to be greeted in by Ian & Linda. The weather wasn’t promising with rain sleet and snow on the forecast but that didn’t matter. The building we are using was warm and dry and the kettle was on tick over ready for use. We soon got settled in. We parked up the van and we prepared it for our sleep. Geoff had already phoned Ian to say he wasn’t coming till Friday as he had to get his pills from the doctor. We were going to have a fry up for our tea but Ian convinced us that we should have one of his beef stews followed by Sherry & mince pies. That evening was spent in the hall having wine & cheese before retiring to our beds.

Friday was a different day altogether, bright and sunny but still cold. Anne prepared herself for Ian & Linda to take her into town for a bit of retail therapy, whilst I went off with Geoff for a bit of pub related therapy. On their way into town they came across a road traffic accident on the roundabout at the junction with the A1237 and the 81224. The emergency services were in attendance. Apparently a car had crashed into a motor
bike knocking the rider into the road. Ian had to divert and go into Acomb in a different way. He parked up at his favourite supermarket and they did the local charity shops before doing the grocery shopping. They had a clear run back to the campsite as the accident was gone and the road clear. That evening we sat down to pie peas & chips provided by our marshals.

Saturday morning saw the local football team invading the pitches playing their socks off. Ian & Linda took me & Geoff into town whilst Anne stayed on site waiting for the arrival of Glen & Alison. We weren’t out long and once back on site Ian & Linda set about preparing our christmas dinner.
Not only was the food prepared but the tables were decorated with knives forks and spoons along with wine glasses. It looked lovely with the Christmas tree and decorations set in the back ground. At 6pm we all settled down to a three course meal with wine to wash it down. After the meal we had more wine with after eight mints. If that wasn’t enough there was a visit from Santa who gave out presents to each of us and good presents at that. The whole evening was delightful. Everyone had their fill and it was not long before we were going off to our beds filled to the gills. It had been a lovely meal and a lovely evening.

Sunday morning was pack up morning. The hall had to be cleaned out and the gear taken down. We only just got finished when the school boy football team came charging in. We left around 10am. We were going to Grimsby to see my daughter’s new house. we were staying over there till Monday. We took a trip into Cleethorpes to dip my toes into the sea. The weekend had been wonderful. It’s a pity no more members came. It is a good weekend and Ian & Linda really do make you welcome. So come along next year. It’s not as cold as you may think and even if it is you are soon warmed up by the huge welcome you receive on your arrival.
we were going to go to North Scarle for the New year rally but it started
snowing in Long Eaton on Boxing Day and it was also snowing at North
Scarle so we cancelled it. The snow stayed with us until New years Day.

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