Christmas 2011 Rally

We arrived at Rufforth by 1130 am. Ian put out the club signs and not long after John & Anne arrived followed by Geoff and Roy.
Peter’s mother arrived with the keys and once she had checked out the building we all set about taking the equipment upstairs. It didn’t take long with so many helpers. We knocked off for some lunch then set about decorating the hall for our rally. Once the decorations were up I started dressing the Christmas tree. After tea we gathered together for coffee and biscuits before retiring to bed.

Friday morning Ian & I took Geoff & Roy to Morrisons in Acomb for some provisions. It was pie pea & Chip night and some King Edwards were needed. We returned to the campsite had lunch and prepared for the evening social. Derek from Leeds, and Phil with son Jack arrived in time for evening supper. They had come up from Kent. After we had eaten our pie peas & Chips there was Port, Sherry, with mince pies to start on. Needless to say not much Port, Sherry or mince pies were taken as we were all stuffed to the gills with the meal we had earlier. We finished the evening off with a game of cards before retiring to bed.

Saturday morning was very cold. Roy had to go home as he just couldn’t get warm. Phil took son Jack to the York Railway Museum whilst we took John & Anne to Acomb for shopping. There were enough charity shops to keep Anne interested. Ian finished off the shopping for the dinner and the Sunday breakfast. We got back to the site, had some lunch the set about preparing the vegetables for the evening dinner. At 6pm we gathered into the hall and sat down to a three course dinner. It was quite nice though some vegetables were slightly under cooked. Better luck next time Ian, though he did apologies. Once the dinner was over every helped with the washing up and clearing away from the tables. Whilst this was going on, we had a visit from Father Christmas’s misses. Apparently Father Christmas was busy putting the lottery on and hadn’t time to make the visit so he sent his little helper. Everyone put their hand into the Christmas sack and lifted out a present for themselves. We finished off the night playing dominoes and eating after eight mints and drinking Irish coffee. We were soon feeling slightly tired as it had been quite a busy day so by 11pm we went to bed. Sunday morning arrived. It was an early breakfast for Phil & son Jack as they wanted to get away early. Others had their breakfast by 10am then we finished off tidying up the hall and got ready for home. Peter came for his money and the hall keys then we all went our separate ways home.

Thank you to the members who supported the rally. We had a good time and I presume so did the others. We are doing it again next year and hopefully more ralliers will come along for a good time.


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