Chairman’s Report

Hello again, I hope you’re all keeping well? I haven’t been too well myself lately. I have to go back to the hospital and Doctor’s but I keep plodding on and enjoy going to the rallies. I want to thank those members who have given their support to the rallies throughout the
year. It is very much appreciated. John took me to the Bolam rally in August. What a nice place this is. We enjoyed the Aycliffe Country Show which was a free entry. Linda had entered cakes a loaf and an egg & bacon pie in the show’s competition. She got a couple of
third prizes but when we had them for our social we all gave her a first. They were delicious.

After Bolam we went to look at a new venue with Ian & Linda with the idea of booking it for a future rally. It was sited between Holmfirth and Penistone. The views were lovely and the local bus stops just outside the site gate taking you into either Penistone or Holmfirth.We decided to stay the night as it was such a lovely place.

Ian & Linda left us and went on there way to Oxfordshire.

We went to Haxey Quays in September. This was a meet up rally before going
on to the Lincoln Motorhome Show. This was a five night rally which gave us
six wonderful days to relax and enjoy the Indian summer sun.

John along with Derek, Geoff, and Ian & Linda had brought their cycles and went off cycling to Epworth and to Misterton whilst I stayed on site relaxing and keeping the dogs

The day they didn’t cycle we drove into Gainsborough to stock up on
provisions before going to Lincoln. Whilst we were in Gainsborough I had to
visit the local hospital to have some treatment on my forehead when it had
become infectious when I had Shingles. I was in there for three hours. Ian &
Linda who had brought us to Gainsborough were very patient. We finished off
the week ay Haxey Quays with a meal in the Haxey Gate pub.

We did the Skegness rally which we were looking forward to it. My grandson
with his partner and her child came and brought tents for them to sleep in. The
weather put paid to that idea. The continuous rain and winds put them off and
they returned home leaving the tent behind hoping that the rain would stop and
the tent would dry out.

They returned the next day hoping the weather was better but as it was the same as the day before the decided to pack the tents away and return home. Just 24 hours later the weather eased and it soon became dryer and sunnier. We enjoyed the rest of the week in the sun and shopping in Skegness.

Another rally we went to was at Flamborough. We love this venue and so do the other members. It was well supported with eight units attending. Whilst there we did shopping in Bridlington, toured the local car boot sale, had the best fish n chips in town finishing off the week with a bumper barbecue. Ian had to spend this week commuting to the hospital in Middlesbrough for his radio therapy treatment. I have enjoyed this year’s rallies
and am now looking forward to the new year of rallies where I have been told
that there are a few new venues where the club hasn’t been to. I hope that you
are looking forward them as well.



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