Bolam – August Bank Holiday

August Bank Holiday weekend and we went back to the delightful campsite in the quaint village of Bolam and to make it even nicer behind the
Countryman inn.

We arrived on the Thursday after going for the caravan at the storage yard which incidentally was just a few miles away which i’ve heard some people say “it’s just down the road”. We soon got set up before Geoff arrived soon after John & Anne. We gathered inside our caravan for tea. We didn’t bring the Rally Arms as there were only four units booked in and there was adequate room inside our caravan for everyone.

On Friday I waited for Ian & Chrissie to arrive whilst Ian went to give Bob a helping hand. Whilst he was away I prepared for the Aycliffe County Show. I was entering cake buns and bread in to the show to see if I could improve my culinary skills from last year. On Ian’s return we had tea then invited everyone into the caravan for an evening social.

Saturday came and it was the day of the show. Ian took me home to collect the items I had baked and we took them to the show for display. On our return to camp we got a text from Glen that he was coming to the rally with another girlfriend and her 4 year old daughter.

They arrived at 7pm but before that Ian took me, John & Anne and Ian & Chrissie to the Aycliffe Show, He dropped us off then proceeded to get Cousin Anne to bring her
to the show. He had been gone awhile and it was time to return to the
campsite. I telephoned him and he came and collected Ian & Chrissie and
whisked them back to the campsite. He returned much later to fetch me,
and John & Anne back to camp.

That afternoon Alison’s daughter took command and organised a train game with the members where they sat in their seats behind each other and played at travelling on a train. I think the adults enjoyed it more than the young one.

In the evening we squeezed into our caravan to have giant hot dogs with onions in. Everyone enjoyed the evening.

Sunday arrived the last day of the show. As there was no interest in the show we just lazed about on site. Glen and his new found girl friend left to go home. Ian & Chrissie went for their walks and John & Geoff went to the pub for a drink. That left me Ian and Anne to take it easy.

Later that day Ian took me to the show to retrieve my wares and pick up my winnings. I got a 3rd prize for the Date & Walnut loaf and a 3rd prize for my Egg & Bacon Pie. They might have got thirds from the show judges but they got firsts from the members of the club who helped me to eat them on our evening social.

Monday morning was the day that Ian & Chrissie had to leave us for home which is a real shame. They had their breakfasts then shortly after coffee morning they were on their way. Geoff went off to see his son and the rest of us just had a lazy comfortable day.

Tuesday we packed up and went home, John & Anne stayed a few days with us at our home as they weren’t in a hurry to go home. It was a good weekend and nice to see Glen again with another girlfriend. Hopefully we will see them again especially the
daughter. She was wonderful.

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