Bishop Wilton Rally

We were coming here directly from Carsington Water but because of a slight breakdown we were diverted back home courtesy of the RAC to change
vehicles. Eventually though we did get here and were soon set up waiting for the other ralliers to arrive. John & Anne were the first to arrive followed closely by Derek. Ian & Chrissie were arriving the following day.

Friday We stayed on camp to wait for Ian & Chrissie. The weather was warm and as we had been here quite a few times we thought we would have an
easy day. We welcomed in our friends Ian & Chrissie with a cuppa tea and once they were settled in they went out to explore. This is an ideal place to do walking. There are numerous walks to choose from. Only a mile away is the village Givendale with an ancient 12th century church which has no electric power. They use lots of candles for light.

On Saturday we drove the 4 miles into Pocklington to buy the groceries for the evening social. Pocklington is a delightful small Market town nestling in the foot hills of the Yorkshire Wolds. Besides Sainsbury’s and Aldi supermarket being there are small individual shops with likes of the butcher the baker and well not the candle stick maker but a damn good hardware store which sells everything. That’s a god send in its self.

That evening we all sat down to macaroni cheese which everyone enjoyed. We had a raffle draw which was the first one for this year. It was a pleasant evening with pleasant company.

Sunday was time for Ian & Chrissie to return home. The rest of us stayed on until the Tuesday. We were going onto the York rally from here so we stayed a little longer. As usual it was a good weekend rally and for those who came an enjoyable one. We will return here in the near future as it is welcomed by those that do come.

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