Barton on Humber Rally August 11th-15th 2010

We were looking forward to coming to this rally, not because of the cycling the bridge but the organised rail tour of the Scunthorpe Steel Works. We arrived on Thursday to be welcomed in by Ian & Linda. Geoff was there along with Derek and Roy. Once settled in we just chilled out until coffee evening. On Saturday we got ourselves ready for the cycling of the Humber Bridge. There were Ian Linda Derek Geoff and myself braising ourselves for the event. It didn’t take long before we got on to it. We stopped for a photo shoot then off we went. It wasn’t a race just a steady ride across. It was a bit hard at first as there was quite an incline to get to the centre. After that it was easy going. Derek had the right idea, a powered cycle running off a battery. We had a short break at the other side then returned triumphantly back again and to the campsite. After a quick lunch we all clambered into the club bus to be taken to the Scunthorpe Steel Works for the Rail Tour. The tour last 2½ hours and was very interesting. A running commentary was telling you what you were looking at and what it did. We were all very impressed. We returned to the campsite but not before calling in on that supermarket. Linda had put on an evening supper which went down well. We went to bed feeling quite tired as it had been quite a busy but very nice day. On Sunday we had breakfast then got the camper ready to go home. It has been a good weekend with a lot of planning been put in to it.

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