August 2012


Six units came to the member’s meeting rally at the Malton Rugby Club. Mrs. Anne Haynes the club’s Chairman was ill and sent her apologies. Linda our Vice Chairman opened the meeting at 7pm. After going through the agenda Ian our rally Secretary asked for ideas on where to hold the 2013 rallies. There were lots of suggestions more than he expected. Ian made a note of these ideas and will present them at the next members meeting which will be the AGM for discussion.


Linda celebrated her 60th Birthday on the Bolam rally in County Durham. Seven units turned out for the occasion as well as some of her relatives. We had a meal in the Coachman the sites pub then finished off the evening in the Rally Arms singing on the Karaoke.

John & Anne celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on July 14th at a campsite in Flamborough, East Yorkshire. Again there was another good turn out with eight units on the rally. This time we put on an evening party in the Rally Arms with a Mr.  & Mrs. Quiz. Derek won the quiz with his Cousin Janet. They seemed to know more about each other more than the married couples in the club.


Linda did her 10,000 feet skydive parachute jump on Sunday June 24th. She arrived at Hinton Airfield with Ian to find that there was over 500 other people doing the jump. She registered in then went along to the briefing room to be taught on how to do it. Then it was off to the fitting room where she was helped into her suit and harness. Her instructor was a well built bloke of six feet and just a broad. Once fitted out they along with several others walked along the tarmac towards the plane. All this time, Ian was taking a movie film on the camcorder. Susan & Richard were taking photographs. Once in the plane, it taxied onto the runway ten with engines at full throttle took off into the sky. When the plane reached 10,000 feet the instructor asked Linda if she was ready then with her legs dangling outside the plane he gave a forward plunge and the two of them were hurtling towards the earth. The clouds were rather dense but once she came through them she could see for miles. The ground was getting very close when suddenly she was jerked upward as the parachute opened up. The instructor pulled on to the ropes making the perfect landing. It was soon all over. One minute I was in the plane and within a couple of minutes I was on the ground. It was an exhilarating experience and I would recommend any one doing it. I want to thank those people who sponsored me and made donations. A total of £1,068 was made towards this worth while charity. Thank you.




Members have put forward their ideas for suitable venues to hold club rallies for 2013. The response has been good with suggestions as far as Hampshire. Two rallies have been booked for 2013. They are both in North Yorkshire. One is at Gargrave and the other at Ripon. Fourteen letters have been sent out to other locations. Four have been answered. Three of them can take us for a rally and one can’t. By the time the AGM is here Ian hopes to present a rally programme to the members.


Don’t forget the date of the club’s AGM. It is on Saturday 20th August at 4pm. This will be followed by evening dinner in the Sloop Inn at 7pm.

The Christmas Dinner Rally is on December 13th – 16th at the Rufforth Playing Fields. Please book in early, as early bookings are essential for catering needs.

New Year Rally. If you are interested in coming on a New Year Rally please let Ian know as soon as possible

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