This was our first rally of the year.  We arrived on the Saturday and were stunned to see the place packed with people.  There was a big fishing competition being held on the lakes called fish mania.  They had TV camera’s there also and apparently the fishing prize was £25,000.


We arrived on the site where Ian greeted us and showed us where to park our van.  We had brought Jean with us also who brought her tent and set it up next to our van.  There were already 5 other units there on the rally field.

Auckley Rally SiteIMG_8756

Saturday evening there was a rally meeting, where we all discussed future rallies and where would we want to have a rally next year.  There were some really good suggestions. I suggested Liverpool and everyone laughed and wondered why I wanted a rally there.

After the meeting, Ian and Linda provided the evening meal for everyone which was a nice pasta and tuna bake.

The next day was Easter Sunday and the club had an Easter bonnet competition.  3 people entered and myself, Richard and Jean were the judges to choose the best bonnet.  All 3 entrants were very very good but we decided that the winner was Chrissey.

We also had a big surprise of an Easter bunny turning up who came round with crème eggs for everyone.



IMG_8822 IMG_8814

In the afternoon,  We all had a bbq.  It rained a little but it didn’t stop us from having the bbq



We had a lovely time and did some really good walks round the lakes and on some of the bridleways in the area.

We left after  the BBQ to go home and said our goodbyes to everyone who were staying until the Monday.

Richard & Susan


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