I don’t usual write a report regards ACCEO national rally but I thought that this time I should so you know what goes on and what you are missing out on.

We arrived at Towcester on the Monday afternoon after travelling down from the Lincoln showground. The ACCEO site wasn’t ready until the Wednesday so we camped at a 5 van site just outside Silverstone. As we were only 1/2 miles from Towcester we did our
shopping there before going into the race course where the rally was being held.

On the Wednesday afternoon we trundled down the country lane to the race course to be welcomed in by the rally marshals who incidentally were the compass club who were the hosts. They allocated us to our pitch and we set up camp and waited for John & Anne to arrive. They arrived a couple of hours later and that was us. The Northern
Ralliers Camping Club, just the two of us amongst all the other camping clubs of Great Britain.

The next morning being Thursday as there was nothing of importance happening on site we drove into Towcester to have a look around. It’s only a small town centre and we have done this for the last three years. We know the place like the back of our hand. On our return to camp we all indulged in Fish n chips from the mobile fish n chip van that came on site. On the evening there was a quiz night in the marquee but we declined that and stayed in our van talking and drinking until it was time for our bed.

Friday morning came and it was decided to walk into Towcester as it were only 1 mile. This we did and by 2 o’clock we thought we would get the bus back to the race course. We waited 2 hours before one came as the previous bus had broken down. We boarded the bus only to be told by the driver that he didn’t stop at the race course even though he was
passing the gate.

It was then that John walked back to camp and brought his van to whisk us back. In the evening we were entertained in the marquee by a singer called Phillip Carr. He was a kind of the middle of the road singer who sang ballads as well as the popular songs. He was
too good though he did sound better as the night went on.

Saturday was the AGM. As Anne was the club’s delegate she & John attended the AGM whilst Ian & Linda went to visit daughter Jean. In the evening we were entertained by three guys calling themselves Bavarian Brass. They were really good. They sang songs related to a beer festival in Germany and they invited people from the audience to take part in games. One game was a beer drinking game. Linda John & Anne took
part and the men had to down a pint in the quickest time whilst the ladies
had to drink a half in the quickest time. Needless to say Linda was the
winner taking 6 seconds to drink a half pint of beer.
Sunday morning was the super raffle draw. First prize was a 100w Solar
Panel plus free fitting. There were another 150 prizes to be won. John
won a bottle of Whisky but Anne, Ian & Linda won nothing. The rest of
the day was just relaxing.

On the Monday we packed up and left. Ian & Linda went to check a site out in the Derbyshire Dale whilst John & Anne went home. It was a good weekend and we would recommend to anyone. Next year’s ACCEO is in Stafford so why not try to get there?

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