A ‘Fanny’ good time at Budle Bay

What a breath taking view! It’s as though we were seeing it for the first time, the memories came flooding back.    With just one van (an Irish couple) on the field we were the only ones there. The tide being out we decided to pop round to Holy Island, however once we reached the causeway the tide chart warned us that we just had fifteen minutes to cross leaving us stranded until 8pm. So we went back to the site to discuss a divorce over erecting the awning!    Luckily we were greeted by our ever efficient stand-in rally marshal Derek (Who’s Derek) coming to our aid in erecting the awning while all the time waving his clipboard at us. The weather was glorious just as I had ordered it, too nice to sit around so Derek accompanied us on a leisurely stroll across the deserted beach. That evening we sat out till midnight watching the most magnificent sun fall across the bay in front of us. The majestic peace and solitude was soon to be broken!   

Next day just as the kettle boiled Gordon and Sandy arrived (good timing or what?) Derek proceeded to wave his clipboard at Gordon, that’s when sank-in he was only trying to pass the clipboard and it’s responsibility on to someone, anyone else!    We spread our wings, and reserve signs to save the best  spots for our rally pals. Sure enough next day the rabble arrived, first little legs and Linda followed by long legs and Chrissie. Derek darted out to greet little legs with the clipboard and a big sigh of relief. Once everyone was settled in we had five units with perfect views of Holy Island and all the bay. Ian didn’t bother with the Rally Arms it was just pleasant enough sat out taking the views and a few drams till midnight.    Next day the rally was deserted, four of us plus Sooty and Sweep walked into Bamburgh for tea and toasties while the other four and Sandy went off to Seahouses for fish and chips. Once again the weather was glorious so we walked back via the beach meanwhile back at camp the field had filled up considerably with 20 to 30 units fighting for a prime site – OURS!

We returned to find three women pitching their tent on the spot we had spent sitting out for the last two nights blocking our view. I manned up and asked them what on earth they were playing at? They said that Billy told them they could pitch there…………I helped them move! Now if you remember Penny Google’s report of Budle last year, Penny mentioned ‘Billy’ getting annoyed with our leader who had pitched in front of Billy. So when Billy came round chasing fees I made my feeling known, and once again new friends were made!       It was just as well we moved them as the tent we found them erecting was the first of three tents, one gazebo, one loo tent, one framed hammock, two cars and a kitchen sink (and a dog).    Although the field was now full I don’t think we noticed the other ralliers ours being pretty loud. Long legs presented Heth with a horses head on a stick as a reminder of her ‘Fanny’ consequently this became the theme of the rally ‘fannies’! Social night took place in the open air to a barbecue of well burnt bangers, burgers and kebabs.

Chrissie was lucky enough to win the marsh mellow willy’s in the raffle Heth won the jelly boobs keeping close to the rally theme. Treats came out in the form of Chrissie’s crispy Moorish mars bar cakes, followed by Gordon’s gorgeous Christmas cake (six month early or late!) On his trip to Berwick Gordon bought long legs a gift of Charcoal Cheese one of his favourites, we ate it!    Now after a few drinks Gordon opened up a little, gave us an idea on how to top up our pensions. He informed us he had watched a Channel 5 program on Pension Porn starring a 90 year old porn star (the mind boggles!) You can probably get this program on Catch up! Giving him hope yet of achieving his long standing ambition or maybe its fait accompli!    Seemingly this revelation (or maybe the brandy) brought forward Derek’s (who’s Derek) contribution to the conversation. In sticking to the rally theme Derek enlightened us of his visits to watch ‘Sticky Vicky’ in Benidorm whose claim to fame is producing a string of razor blades from her fanny. (check it out on the tube – after you’ve finished your breakfast!)    Well there you have it! A great time was had at Budle, great company, happy memories, sad to leave. ‘Fanny the wonder horse’ 

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