2012 Christmas Dinner Report by John

we arrived on Thursday afternoon around 2pm. Ian & Linda along with Geoff were already there. We all helped with getting the equipment upstairs before setting up camp. we had some lunch then went upstairs to get settled in. Later that evening we played cards until it was time to go to our beds.

Friday morning was damp and miserable. Ian & Linda were going into town to his shop (Morrisons) to buy in the provisions for the Christmas dinner, so we went in with them. We had a look in some shops but the weather was so wet we bought a few things then it was back to camp and the comfort of the hall.

Saturday was a much better day. The sun shone and the temperature was a liile higher than before. We just chilled out. I went with Linda to walk the dogs. After lunch it was suggested that we all go to the local pub for a drink. A good idea Geoff said. Anne wasn’t feeling up to it as the pub was quite a long walk, so she stayed in the hall.

After a couple of pints we strolled back at a leisurely pace to the site. lt was a lovely
afternoon. The sun was shining brightly and it was quite warm’ Once back on site, Ian & Linda started preparing the evening dinner. Geoff went off for his usual siesta whilst Anne and I just relaxed. That evening we dressed in our Sunday best and sat down to the usual three course’s Christmas dinner. lt was very good and plenty left over for a second helping.

Once we cleared away we were expecting Father Christmas but instead we got his little elf to give us our Christmas presents. The whole day had been good.

Sunday arrived and it was time to pack things away. Ian & Linda were up early
beavering away. Ian made our breakfast and that were it. Another good weekend rally over. Before driving home Ian & Linda and Anne & I went into the local pub for a Sunday lunch. lt was very nice. It just finished off the weekend nicely.

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