Great Busby Rally

South View Farm is a delightful campsite nestled in the foot hills of the Cleveland Hills close to the market town of Stokesley.  We arrived on Thursday and were met by Mr Noble, the campsite owner.  He explained to us where everything was and if possible to keep off the grass as it was rather wet.  That was putting it politely.  It was like a paddy field.  Our feet sunk by an inch when we stepped onto the grass and water seeped around our shoes.  Ian then decided that he wasn’t going to  erect the club tent.  We would only be walking in water.  Once Mr Noble left we set about preparing the site for the ralliers arrival.  First to arrive was Ian & Chrissie with their faithful camper Tilly.  John & Anne arrived 10 minutes later.  It had taken them hours to get here.  Everyone was soon settled in and was sat in our camper drinking tea and eating hot cross buns and rice crispies biscuits which Chrissie had made.  That evening everyone settled into our camper to watch the film “The Life of Brian”

Friday morning arrived with showers and coldness.  We had our usual coffee morning then settled down to wait for Terry & Heather arrival.  When they did arrive they had to wait our on the road before they could come on site as the farmer was pulling a car of the wet sodden field with his tractor. The car owner had been warned to keep off the grassed area as it was very wet and soft.  The car owner thought because he had a 4 wheel car it would be no problem but as soon as his car touch the grass it sunk down to the axles.  Terry was able to get onto the site once the car driver will pulled away.  Terry was wise and reversed onto the site road and keeping off the grass.  Once they had settled in they took Sooty & Sweep for a long walk but as they were off their leads they ran off and came back with an Easter Bunny.  The poor thing was dead.  It took Terry a while to get the dog to release it and put it in the bin.  That evening was spent in our campervan as we hadn’t put the club tent up because of the water logged field.

Saturday morning was still raining and cold.  Terry & Heather had decided that they had enough and were going back home.  We had the coffee morning and they said their goodbyes and left.  Ian & Chrissie had a drive to Great Ayton a small vilage only 5 or 6 miles away for fish and chips. Great Ayton is famous for where Captain James Cook was born. We stayed on camp to wait  for arrival of Derek.  He was coming for the members meeting.  He couldn’t camp with us as there  was no one to look after his dad.  Ian & Chrissie were soon back and as we were all together we decided to hold the members meeting earlier and have our evening meal earlier so Derek could leave earlier to get home to his Dad.  The raffle had some wonderful prizes thanks to the members.  Everyone won something nice.  Ian & Chrissie won the quiz winning an over sized chocolate Easter Bunny.  Everything was over by 8pm.  Derek left for home and we just lazed in the camper.

Sunday morning was cloudy but dry.  There was no rain over night and it wasn’t raining when we woke up.  Slowly the clouds were brightening up.  The sun was doing its best to break through.  That didn’t encourage John & Ann to stay.  They decided that they would go home because of the cold damp weather.  Ian & Chrissie  also had had enough and they packed up and left for home.  We thought that because of the cold damp weather and no one left we also packed up and returned home.  Ian did say to Mr Noble the site owner that we would return next year which put a smile on his face.  It was a pity about the weather.  Hopefully the rest of the year will be dryer and much warmer.

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